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Apple WWDC 2021 Event Details and Coverage[Complete Details]

Apple WWDC 2021 will kick off from today at June 7, 2021, and just like last year this year’s edition this year, the event will be done virtually. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is widely popular because of the new announcements they made each year about their upcoming products. The Cupertino, California-based tech giant will showcase its latest software developments at this event. It is expected that they will discuss the new version of iOS, ipadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. The event will be hosted for five days with 200 in-depth decisions for the developers to learn about new stuff. So through this article, we will be going to give all the detailed updates on each of the announcements.

It is expected that Apple will also unveil its next-generation MacBook Pro models in WWDC 2021. So here is how you can stream the event worldwide.

WWDC 2021 keynote Livestream Timings and Where to Watch Online?

The WWDC 2021 will going to kick off today June 7th, 2021 at 10 am PDT that is 10:30 pm IST hours. It will be live-streamed from the California Apple campus, and you will be able to access it from Apple’s official Youtube Channel or from the website. Once it starts, you can also watch it from here as well; here is the video link. The event will be live from 7th June 2021-11th June 2021. And all the latest announcements made from the event will be covered in this article.

Apple WWDC 2021 will be Streamed from June 7 to June 11
Apple WWDC 2021 will be Streamed from June 7 to June 11

What to expect from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 (WWDC 2021)?

In Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2021), Apple is expected to announce various software-centric announcements such as iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8, and tvOS 15. And these announcements will be made with an in-depth analysis and insights on what improvements the latest developments bring to the existing versions.

Especially for iPhone users, the WWDC 2021 is crucial as it will showcase the iOS 15 at the WWDC keynote. It will come with an upgraded notification experience and the all-new iMessage with some social network-like features to better compete against WhatsApp. As per the latest reports by Bloomberg, we can also expect some changes in the privacy policy.

iPadOS 15 Announcement: What to Expect?

The WWDC keynote will also give us updates on iPadOS 15, which might bring changes to the tablet’s home screen to better align with the newer hardware version. Apple’s iPad Pro users are also likely to consider the latest OS version of the iPad, which will be available through the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 updates.

macOS 12 Announcement: What to Expect?

For the Macbook, iMac, and Mac users, we can expect to get the new macOS12 update this year. It is expected to bring some minor improvements from the last year as in 2020 we witnessed macOS Big Sur with series of updates.

watchOS 8 Announcement: What to Expect?

The new watchOS 8 update version is expected to arrive at the WWDC keynote with modifications to fitness tracking and enhancement in the user-level experience and gesture support for Apple Watch users.

tvOS 15 Announcement: What to Expect?

For the Apple Tv users, WWDC 2021 might bring new tvOS 15 software updates with the enhancements around a better content playback experience and some notable changes to match the new Apple TV 4K hardware, which was revealed back in April 2021.

homeOS Announcement: What to Expect?

There have also been some updates on Apple’s plan to bring in a new dedicated OS for its connected devices known as the homeOS. It is expected that the homeOS will come with new software solutions for the HomePod and other devices of apple that work in connection with one another.

Redesigned MacBook Pro models Announcements

As per new updates from an insider, the WWDC 2021 may announce redesigned iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro models, which are expected to come with 1TB storage. However, the WWDC 2021’s one of most exciting announcements is for the next-generation MacBook Pro models. The models are hinted to be of 14- and a 16-inch screen with a flatter design and Apple Silicon under the hood.

Update 1: iOS 15 Announced at WWDC 2021

The new iOS 15 by Apple is focused more on the experience of sharing. This feature will be made available to the iPhones from 6s to the ones launched after that. The same is the case with iPad OS. It has received tons of new features, and currently, there is more focus on security as well.

There were many rumors about the iOS 15, and several of them have proved to be true. In addition, several improvements and updates have been given to FaceTime and iMessage. WWDC 2021 showed us another essential feature during its keynote presentation. Now onwards, Apple will support the Hindi language in the iOS Quickpath Swipe Keyboard.

Let us have a look at some of the latest features that were unveiled at the event-

FaceTime Features

FaceTime calls will now be more natural and comfortable. The audio will be designed in such a way to make it feel that the person on the other side of the call is just sitting beside you in your room. While the user is on a group video call, the voices will come to us in a way as if it is spread out. All these experiences make the conversation more lively, even though it is just happening on the phone. There are other features like voice isolation as well.

iMessage Features

The iMessage allows the users to look for articles, pictures, and more very quickly. These are all generally shared in the group chat. In addition, there are a few of the new stack designs and collages for photos, which the user can swipe through to view in full screen. There is a Share With You section that will appear in Apple Music, Apple News, Safari, Photos, Podcast, and a few of the other applications to easily access the links or other media which your friends have sent. Tapping on their names will drag you to your conversation with them.

Notification and Focus Features

Notifications will get a new look with the contact photos of the people, and there will be bigger icons for the applications. These have been done so that we can notice them and understand them to identify them in a better way.

New Features of Photos

This feature allows live text to get detected and extracted from the images. Information can be taken on a whiteboard or even from the notes that are handwritten. Several important details like the phone numbers of certain shops clicked on pictures can be selected and saved. The feature of Live Text will understand many languages, including Chinese. The intelligence system on the device can recognize a particular kind of flower, a breed of a dog, some very famous artworks, pets, places, and many others.

iPadOS 15

The biggest highlight in the iPadOS 15 is the widgets. A huge detailing has been put in these widgets to make the user experience very enriching. New widgets have also been developed for Contacts and Find My. The previous ones are now shown in a bigger and clearer format for Apple TV, Game Centre, Photos, Files, and so many other applications. Multitasking will be even more effortless with the split screen and the slide-over view.

For more details on iOS 15 check out our detailed article to be fully informed.

Update 2: Offline Siri and tracking a switched off iPhone

In WWDC 2021, we get to know that Siri will work much faster and Find My network will work much better this time. In addition, Apple has designed this new Siri in such a way that it can work on the HomePod mini and the HomePod. The user can also access Siri without actually using the internet.

During the second day of the WWDC 2021, many announcements were made. The company is providing new features on Siri, Apple TV, and AirPods. In addition, the Find My Network feature allows enhanced tracking of your device even when it is switched off.

Let us have a detailed look at some of the new features unveiled on the second day of WWDC 2021.

1. Siri will work on the third party devices

Till now, we had seen that Siri was only available on Apple devices. Others like Google Assistant and Alexa were already present on some third-party devices. From now on, Siri will also be available for use on the third-party devices. This can be enabled by using HomeKit. HomeKit allows the users to make the Hey Siri command. The user will have to have a HomePod or a HomePod Mini to send their voice commands to the third-party devices.

2. Siri will now work offline

Along with the new feature of being accessible from third-party devices, Siri will be able to fulfill a few of the demands of the users without having an Internet connection. These requests could be like accessing the already loaded applications and installed on the device, like Phone, App Launch, Sharing, Messaging, Timers, Alarms, Settings, and Control Audio Playback.

The users who have their Apple devices with the A12 Bionic Chip and those who came after that will be able to use this.

3. Update on AirPods

The iOS 15 was announced yesterday, and now there is another update that is exclusive to the AirPods Pro. The AirPods Pro will receive a Conversation Boost which will be helpful for people who are facing hearing problems, mostly when they are in a crowd. The TWS headphones from the company will isolate the voice of the person who is there in the foreground and cut off almost all the background noise. In addition, there will be specific gliders on the iPad or iPhone to adjust this ambient noise.

AirPods will also have this ability which makes it ask Siri to tell the user about the notifications that have come. So, for example, if the user says Announce Notifications while wearing AirPods, it will read out the notifications that have come up.

4. Find My Network works even when the iPhone is switched off

Apple has come up with this amazing feature of Find My Network, which lets the user look for their iPhone even when they are turned off. This proves to be very helpful if our iPhone, which went missing, does not have sufficient battery, even when stolen by a thief and switched off. We can track the device and know the location of the device.

For more details on Day 2 of WWDC 2021 and more details read our detailed article.

Apple announced watchOS 8 with new health features at WWDC 2021 on Day 3

Apple now has also announced the specifications of watchOS 8 on day 3 of WWDC 2021. The new software update has said to be succeeded its predecessor, the watchOS 7. It is now available for the developers to test their apps; the public beta version will be available in July. The final release will happen later this year; Apple is also bringing in its new Mindfulness app, which is said to be an expansion of the Breathe app.

The Fitness app is also getting more workout types this time, like tai chi and pilates. Apple’s health app will now monitor your respiratory rate as well while you sleep and watch if it finds anything out of your usual pattern it will notify you. There will also be a watch face that will allow you to use a photo taken with the iPhone’s portrait mode and layer text. As per the statement by Apple, you will also customize the text shown and how it integrates with the image itself. WatchOS 8 will feature some new features coming to iOS15 and the new focus mode, which will let you choose the apps or contacts you want to see notifications to, and the best thing is the update will be available from Series 3 models.

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