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The Family Man Season 2: Review, Ending Explained and Updates on Season 3
The Family Man Season 2: Review, Ending Explained and Updates on Season 3

The Family Man Season 2: Review, Ending Explained and Updates on Season 3

Finally, the much-awaited season ”The Family Man” is here; The Family Man Season 2 currently streaming on Amazon Prime, and the show has significantly developed in the past two years after the cliffhanger ending of season 1; the stakes were too high this time and all we can say is that Manoj Bajpayee, Samantha Akkineni, Priyamani, Sharib Hashmi did not disappoint us as well. So we have also watched season 2 of The Family Man Season 2, and in this article, we will give you the review of season 2.

The Family Man Season 2: What was the Plot this Time?

After the failed attempt of trying to save Delhi from the gas leak Manoj Bajpayee had enough, and he hung up his boots in the TASC And started working in an IT Company.

This time Srikanth seems to be living an everyday life routine of going to the office, returning home on time, giving time to his family, and making things work with his wife, Suchi. But his friend JK Talpade keep on giving him updates on what was going on in the field.

Although he keeps getting excited while listening to JK about the TASC stuff, he pretends to be happy and doesn’t want to go back on the field. But we all understand what he feels; he just wanted to go back to the field and do what he enjoys, i.e., serving his country.

While he prepares the daily report on his desk and TASC assigned the task of rounding up Subbu, who is one of the critical people of the Lankan government living in exile, and the younger brother of that government’s government’s prime Minister Bhaskaran. The task started as a regular operation but soon goes wrong, and in the meantime, Srikant is fed up with his desk job and personal life. So he decided to return to the field job.

Srikant is battling with stress because of the death of Karim in season 1 and, at the same time, thinking about the unfair treatment of his team members Milind and Zoya in season 1. They didn’t receive the acknowledgment of their efforts in season 1.

On the other hand, the new cast Samantha Akkineni aka Raji, works in a factory, keeps her head down, and tolerates all the sexual harassment by the foreman, and the random group creeps on the bus. But she doesn’t draw any attention towards her.

She is a tigress in the cage, which is just waiting to go all out once it is required. And that happens brilliantly in a scene where she transformed from a victim to a bare-handed killer who killed people in just seconds. Then, when she feels that she will never get a chance to show her patriotism, she receives a call that she was eagerly waiting for and finally gets an opportunity of vengeance.

After the last season’s threat from an Islamic fundamentalist, this season, Raj and DK work with the internal conflict of another nation and its implications on India. However, the real issue begins when one of the sleeper cells from Tamil rebels is activated, and they joined hands with Pakistani ISI. They are planning to attack India and Srilanka.

They are provided with assistance from Sajid (Shahab Ali), the scooter bomber of season 1. But despite their best efforts and Sajid’sSajid’s frighteningly personal attack against Srikant. The game soon became a cat and mouse chase as ISI and Chennai Police finally got what they required and were on their heels.

The ending of the series was just brilliant, although we will not spoil the fun for you, and it will be discussed at the end of the article, and if you haven’t watched the show, we will recommend you not to go through with its portion.

Samantha Akkineni as Raji Did Complete Justice to her Role in 'The Family Man Season 2'
Samantha Akkineni as Raji Did Complete Justice to her Role in ‘The Family Man Season 2’

The Family Man Season 2: Review

After watching the series, all we can say is that the show deserves a season 3. The credit scene of the show was enough to get the fans excited for season 3. Manoj Banpayee’s performance as Srikanth and Sharib Hashmi’s performance as JK is just phenomenal.

And the new cast Samantha Akkineni did complete justice to her role as well. As Raji, I would say she had stolen the limelight from Manoj Bajpayee. Probably one of the best inclusion in the series, but sadly we won’t be able to witness Samantha in season 3 as in the climax of season 2, Raji dies.

While the series stands out with brilliant scenes, there were also two scenes that were filled with excellent coordination and choreography. The two scenes were the police station scene and the climax shot; the scenes were very long, and we got to know that those were shot with minimal cuts; the scenes are so gripping that they would put you at the edge of your seat.

If we had to rate the series, we would give it a solid 4/5 stars and recommend watching it right away. The series is available on Amazon Prime.

The Family Man Season 2: Ending Explained

At the end of season 2, we witness Srikanth and his team managing to stop the Rebels from carrying the plane attack on PM’s meeting, but that ended up in the death of Raji, played by Samantha Akkineni, Selvan played by Anandsami, and their other associates. Srikanth was also injured along with JK, and PM awarded them for their efforts.

Back at home, the family was revealed that Dhriti is safe after the kidnap by her fake lover. However, Srikanth lied about Salman being alive, and once she finds out that this is not true, she might suffer from the post-traumatic disorder in season 3. Now young Atharv also knows what his father does for a living and is proud of him.

In the meantime, Suchi has also reached her conclusion and wants to confess to Srikanth what happened between her and Arvind in Lonavla. But, of course, he might not know what will be revealed to him now, but all we can say is in season 3, Srikanth’s difficulties in marriage life will continue.

Will there be Family Man Season 3?

As far as the renewal status of the third season is concerned, we got to know that it had already been given a get-go. In May 2020, co-creator Raj Nidimoru revealed that the series would be going to have a third season, and it will be based on the COVID period.

As the second season arrived after 22 months of its first season, we can say that we might wait for a long time for season 3 as the series is mainly based on India. With the ongoing pandemic, we think we will have to wait for the end of 2023 for the release of Family Man Season 3.

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