Realme Might Launch Affordable 5G Smartphones Under Rs.10,000 by The End Of 2022.
Realme Might Launch Affordable 5G Smartphones Under Rs.10,000 by The End Of 2022.

Realme Might Launch Affordable 5G Smartphones Under Rs.10,000 by The End Of 2022.

Realme 5G smartphones Might Be Available At a Price Lesser Than Rs. 10,000 By The End Of 2022.

Last Updated on June 4, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Nowadays, 5G smartphones are available in abundance in the market. Therefore, Realme is also trying its best to bring in as many 5G smartphones as possible at the minimum price. However, this next-generation network has not launched in all the countries like India. The 5G trails are yet to start in the country, but we are finding several smartphones in the flagship series, mid-range and affordable series with the new network connectivity. The manufacturers of smartphones are also aiming to bring in all their latest devices with this new network.

CEO of Realme Europe and India and the Vice President of the company, Madhav Sheth, has announced that the company is working on launching a 5G smartphone. But what is even more astonishing is the price. Realme is planning to bring this phone at a price below Rs. 10,000, which is around 137 US Dollars. This phone will surely launch in the market by the end of the upcoming year, 2022.

Realme will launch 5G smartphones at an excellent price, below Rs. 10,000.

We saw the Realme Global 5G Summit yesterday. This decision of coming up with a 5G smartphone at such a small price was announced yesterday. The event was held in partnership with GSMA, Qualcomm, and Counterpoint Research. The audience saw an insight into what the company aims to do and the future ventures the company will be working on.

Realme has announced that it will launch a 5G smartphone below a price of Rs. 10,000. This seems very ambitious for the company, but this can be possible because the company already has a similar phone priced at Rs. 15,000 in the market. The phone we are talking about is the Realme 8 5G which will cost around Rs. 14,999.

5G smartphones
The company will make these latest smartphones even more affordable.

The company has decided to bring in more pieces of its tech in the market. As a result, they are planning to build their market even wider. In the previous year, we saw the company launch around 14 5G smartphones in the market. This accounts for 40% of all its different products. By the end of 2022, the company plans to have more than 20 smartphones with a modern network. This will make it’s market ratio increase by 70% across 50 markets globally.

The company has a huge plan to have a consumer count of their new network smartphones over 100 million in the upcoming three years. In addition, it is also planning to install more than ten 5G pop-up outlets all around the world in this year itself. In these outlets, the customers will enjoy the experience of the network via cloud gaming, live broadcasting, Augmented reality (AR), and many others.

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