Battlegrounds Mobile India Jeep

Battlegrounds Mobile India Reveals New Jeep In Latest Video

After the Level 3 Backpack, comes the Battlegrounds Mobile India Jeep

Last Updated on June 4, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

Battlegrounds Mobile India has begun their preparations to launch in India, and with that, we have a new video teaser featuring the latest vehicle added to the game. Looking at the Jeep, we are sure that all of the players would want to get in it and drive through the hills of Erangel. People have been eagerly waiting for the game to launch in India. The Pre-Registrations have already started. If you have not pre0registered yet, then now is the time. Hurry! Get yourself pre-registered to avail some exciting gifts.

The Pre-registrations started on the 18th of May, and on the very first day, it was announced that 7.6 million people had registered themselves for the game in India. In the next two weeks, this number increased, and presently the number has hit more than 20 million. The CEO of Krafton, CH Kim, has expressed his gratefulness to India and has promised that the game will provide an amazing Battle Royale experience to all its players.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Jeep has been revealed in a new video.

A few days ago, we had seen the game had teased the ‘Level 3 Backpack,’ which we will see in the game. This backpack was no different from the one which we had already seen earlier. Even the Battlegrounds Mobile India Jeep also looks no different from what we had seen earlier.

Bringing old elements to this game is not at all a problem. We can surely say this judging from the excitement of the people looking forward to enjoying the game. It will not just be the experience that will be taken into a record. People will also try to reconnect with the earlier version of the game that they were used to playing. So nostalgia is also something that will be building among the players. Hence, Battlegrounds Mobile India Jeep will create a lot of excitement among all the players.

The players in India will definitely enjoy some exclusive content from the game. After unveiling the level 3 backpack, we finally get to see the Battlegrounds Mobile India Jeep. There are rumors that the game will launch on the 18th of June. In the upcoming days, we will know more about it.

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