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Realme 5G Global Summit States The Importance Of 5G and Announces About The Realme GT Series 5G

The Realme GT Series 5G announced in the Realme 5G Global Summit

The Realme 5G Global Summit is currently happening at the moment. The event has begun at 2:30 PM IST. We will see a few experts from Qualcomm India, GSMA Intelligence, Realme itself, and Counterpoint Research in this particular event. The main point of discussion during the event is the building and development of the 5G network in the country and all over the world. The company has many plans associated with the 5G network. Along with this, there is one massive announcement. Madhav Seth, the CEO of Realme India, will announce the Realme GT 5G at this event.

Where can you watch the Realme 5G Global Summit?

The event is currently happening. It has started at 2:30 PM IST. You can visit their official YouTube channel. As of publishing this article, the event has ended you can watch the recap on their official you channel now. Here is the link below

Discussions held in Realme 5G Global Summit

Realme 5G Global Summit will be going to be co-hosted by the industry experts such as Kalvin Bahia: The Principal Economist of GSMA Intelligence, Rajen Vagadia: The VP and President of Qualcomm India and SAARC, Peter Richardson: The VP and Co-Founder of Counterpoint Research and Madhav Sheth (Realme India and Europe CEO), and Johnny Chen (Brand Director, Realme).

Realme 5G Global Summit mostly focuses on the importance of 5G in today’s world and the revolutionary changes that the network can bring. Madhav Sheth has announced that 5G is coming more quickly than the previous mobile technology. 5G, along with the other technologies in the market, can transform people’s lifestyles.

Realme is planning to create the best of the 5G devices at different price segments. It will no longer be just the flagships with 5G connectivity. It will bring these smartphones at an aggressive price to make them easily affordable. There will be a lot of modifications that will be made to smartphones. The company has been putting in a lot of effort to make smartphones very thin and lightweight. They have been successful in their attempt and have decreased the weight of their devices.

This 5G is targeting the young generation. The faster network will allow them to build their innovations and start acting on them. There will be support from cloud gaming, IoT, artificial intelligence. They can design several 5G applications, thus working on their potential and making them even better. The young generation will be the forerunners of 5G.

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Realme 5G Global Summit
The time of launch has been revealed

The Realme GT performance flagship phone has been announced to release in June at the Realme 5G Global Summit. No official dates were mentioned in the event. The Realme GT Camera flagship will release in July.

The phones will come with two different storage variants. The first one has a RAM of 8 GB and storage of 128 GB. The second one has a RAM of 12 GB and a storage of 256 GB. The display will be an impressive AMOLED display with a super-fast 120 Hz refresh rate. The processor which will be used in the phones is the Qualcomm SD 888 SoC 5G. In addition, Realme UI 2.0, which has been designed based on Android 11, will be equipped.

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