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Sherni Trailer

Sherni Trailer Has Released And Shows Vidya Balan In A Striking Role

Get ready for vidya Balan coming on screen in Sherni.

Sherni Trailer has landed on the internet. This movie is Vidya Balan’s new project. She is all set to track the dangerous tigress who has been troubling and terrorizing the locals in the village.

Vidya Balan had promised that she would be revealing the trailer soon. So the Sherni Trailer is finally out, and it leaves everyone amazed. The trailer holds your attention so perfectly that you forget how to blink. This two-and-a-half-minute trailer shows how brilliant a performer Vidya Balan is on screen.

The actor plays the character of a forest officer whose name is also Vidya. She receives a task to track the dangerous tigress, which is terrorizing the villagers and the other locals in the area. Vidya faces sexism at each and every step of her duty. Once she was posted in that position, several questions were being asked about her taking this position, how efficient will she be holding that position. All these were happening only because she was a lady officer. Vidya does not pay much attention to what comments are being thrown at her. She gathers a team and leads them while tracking down the dangerous tigress.

Vidya Balan shines in her character in the Sherni Trailer.

Sharat Saxena will be seen in the movie along with Vidya Balan. He plays the role of a boastful hunter. He believes that he can easily recognize a man-eater just by having one look at its eyes. Neeraj Kabi, the star from Patal Lok, has also joined the cast. His role in this movie is an overconfident officer in the forest department. He is ready to take over the job and proceeding from the hand of Vidya.

As we can notice from the Sherni Trailer, there is some severe turn of events. The number of death reports that came from the villages increased rapidly. There is one statement that makes the mystery behind the murders reach another level. The statement is, “It is a preplanned murder.” The other actors whom we will see in the movie are Brijendra Kala, Ila Arun, and Vijay Raaz. They have all appeared on the trailer as well.

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Vidya Balan has mentioned on Instagram for everyone to be strong and always stay courageous. With the Sherni Trailer released now, it is time for the Sherni to roar.

Amit Masurkar, who had earlier directed one of the most acclaimed movies in 2017, Newtown, is also the director of Sherni. We will get to see the film on the 18th of June on Amazon Prime.

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