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Regirock Will Be Seen Again In Pokemon Go Season of Discovery

Enjoy new Pokemon in the Season of Discovery

We will see Regirock returning as part of the Season of Discovery in Pokemon Go. The game has given a fair run-through regarding all its plans for this particular season. We will be looking at new kinds of five-star raids in the game along with the coming back of Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.

If you are interested in knowing the Pokemon Go Season of Discovery details, you can visit their website to learn all the available information. This seems to be a perfect time for all the trainers out there to catch everything available. This season has gone on the air today and will continue till the 1st of September, 2021.

The actual three Regi Pokemon- Regirock, Regice, and Registeel will return to the game. They will be seen from today from 10 AM in the morning till the 17th of June. After this event, we will see a surprise Pokemon which will appear with the five-star raids. In addition, there are talks about the appearance of a Mega-Pokemon at that point in time.

Regirock returns in the Pokemon Go Season Of Discovery.

Along with this, we will also find several others also coming is several regions. Depending on the landscapes on which the player is present, there is a maximum chance of finding creatures of a certain kind in that place.

Discover the new Season, Season of Discovery of the game

The blog also mentions specific city locations where Rattata, Alolan, polygon, and Magnemite will be very easy to find. When the player moves towards the green forests, they will find Skorupi, Doduo, Bellsprout, and a few more are abundantly available. If your luck works out and you somehow reach the mountains, you will discover Nosepass, Dwebble, and Rhyhorn, and a few others. In the areas near the water bodies, the Pokemon that will be available are Wailmer, Magikarp, Marill, and other Water Type others. Several others are also available depending upon the location of where the player stays.

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In this season, we will find Eggs hatching and bringing in new ones. The blog post has mentioned that the player must keep his eyes open for the new ones that are available nearby. This season will bring in tons of opportunity depending on the landscape and the raid that the players put in. Enjoy with Regirock in this season of the game.

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