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Mare of Easttown Season Finale: The Show’s Ending Explained In Detail

Find out about the mystery of the murder of Erin McMenamin

Mare of Easttown aired the last episode of its first season on May 30. The season finale has revealed many mysteries, like who killed Erin McMenamin and her baby’s birth father. The season streamed on HBO and came to an end after seven weeks. The American crime drama series stars Kate Winslet and is created by Brad Ingelsby.

In an interview, the creator of Mare of Easttown, Brad Ingelsby, had said that he did not want to end to come out out of nowhere. He said that he wanted the viewers to trust them about the finale being both surprising and refreshingly predictable at the same time.

Mare of Easttown Season Finale Ending: Who is the birth father of Erin McMenamin’s baby?

The previous episode of Mare of Easttown seemed to confirm that the birth father of Erin McMenamin’s baby, DJ was Billy Ross. Hence, he was speculated to be her murderer as well. However, the truth is revealed when her friend, Jess Riley, shows the authorities at the police station some pictures of John Ross and Erin in bed together.

After being arrested by Mare, John admits to having an affair with Erin and being DJ’s father. He says that they met at their family reunion and were physically and emotionally attached. When she got pregnant, he had asked her to get an abortion, but she decided to keep the baby, while her boyfriend, Dylan Hinchey, thought the baby was his.

Who Killed Erin?

During the police interrogation, John confesses to killing Erin and is sent to prison. He describes the crime scene and tells Mare that she had brought a gun when they met at the park on the night of her murder to threaten him about killing herself. He says that he shot her because he panicked in that situation.
Everybody believes that John is the murderer until Mare notices some discrepancies in the story days after John is arrested. Upon further investigation, she finally finds out the real murderer is Ryan Ross, John’s teenage son. She realizes that John was trying to cover up for Ryan to protect his son.

How does Mare figure out who the murderer was?

Everyone in the police department is under the impression that John killed Erin until Mare finds out that the murder weapon he claimed to use does not match the initial report of a police revolver. Her best friend, Lori, also tells her that Ryan, Lori’s son, had been acting up in school.

Her suspicion is confirmed when Ryan’s neighbor, Glenn, tells her that one of his pistols had gone missing, only to be returned to his shed a couple of days later. She also finds out that the only person who had access to the shed other than him was Ryan.

Mare of Easttown
Mare of Easttown season finale

Why did Ryan kill Erin?

It turns out that Ryan was devastated when he found out that his father, John had an affair with Erin. With the hope of keeping his family together, he decided to meet Erin at the park. He took Glenn’s gun from the shed and went to meet her. Ryan asked her to stay away from his family. When the discussion started heating up, he fired at her twice before Erin could reach for the gun.

Mare of Easttown Season 2.

The creator has always claimed to love writing the character of Mare Sheehan. This brings a lot of hope for another season among fans. However, the team of Mare of Easttown has not announced any official confirmation about it.

Mare of Easttown is not just a murder mystery but also deals with personal trauma and emotional growth by the end of the season finale. We hope to see more seasons of the show with crimes to solve and emotional experiences to share.

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