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Gruby Entertainments to Work On An [Intense] FPS Game

Ready for some intense hardcore gaming being developed by Gruby Entertainments?

Gruby Entertainments has received its very first project. This project has been described as a game where the player has to play as a first-person shooting character. The game is an intense shooting and action game that the hardcore players will be enjoying a lot in their course of gameplay.

The developers who had developed Former People Can Fly have found a totally deserted and isolated studio, Gruby Entertainments. They can plan to move back to the time of PCF, who had actually created the games like Painkiller and Bulletstorm. The team has mentioned that they will be developing a very new FPS game that will target the players who are into hardcore all-guns in gaming.

Grzegorz Michalak, Paweł Siech, Kamil Misiowiec, and Karol Szyszka are the ones who had established the said entertainment house back in 2020. They were a part of the projects of People Can Fly earlier. One of the games from this project includes the very new Outriders. However, they are very excited about their new venture, which has been set in Poland. This project has many veteran developers who have earlier worked on some massive successful projects. These people have decided to gather together and develop a new game to show the world their vision and approach towards the genre of action games.

The former developers from Outriders come to Gruby Entertainments to develop a new FPS game.

Gruby Entertainments was started very recently, in 2020. They seem to have a huge potential with all the members that they have right now. This project is being described as a first-person shooting game with some intense hardcore action. The gameplay will be rock solid and highly all-guns in kind of. The player also has to make the proper decisions at particular points. These decisions will have their turn of events in the game.

Gruby Entertainments
Outriders Gameplay Still

It will be very interesting for the hardcore action game fans to wait and watch what all these veteran developers are going to bring in the new game by Gruby Entertainments. We are sure that with their immense experience in this field, they will surely add in their own put-ins, which might the experience even more prosperous. The development is already on with 15 people working on the project currently. is the publisher that has partnered along with the company. is very well known for its works like Alchemist Adventure, Retro Machina, Broken Lines, and Raji: An Ancient Epic. It will also provide the necessary assistance and proper consultation to the team members of the entertainment house throughout the entire process of developing the new game.

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It is an interesting fact that several studios in the market have many developers who used to work in People Can Fly. Some of them, like Kamil Bilczyński and Wojciech Pazdur, has worked on the game series, Painkiller. For example, Painkiller was founded in 2005 by The Farm 51. One of the latest projects that the team worked on was Chernobylite, a survival game based on science fiction. Adrian Chmielarz, a veteran developer, had also worked in the Painkiller. Later he was the one who established The Astronautics a long time back in 2012. Currently, he has a small team who are developing an FPS dark Witchfire game.

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