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Among Us Is Presently Available For Free On The Epic Games Store

Among Us Is Presently Available For Free On The Epic Games Store

Among Us, one of our very favorite games has been made available for free on the Epic Games store exclusively for PCs. This game can be purchased for free until the 3rd of June, 8:30 PM Indian Standard time. After this time period, the free purchase will no longer be available. The people interested will have to buy the game at Rs. 119 from the Epic Games Store.

There is another version of Among Us, DLC, which has many cosmetics and skins of characters. This is available for a price of just Rs. 399. This version is basically the all-in-one package. We can also get our hands on a package that costs a little bit less, Rs. 239. This package will have the MIRA HQ and Polus outfits and costumes and also a few pets.

Among Us, one of our very favorite games is now available for free on Epic Game Store.

If you want to buy the DLC separately, then you can. Presently you will find that there is a discount of 20% provided on the item. The items like Polus Skins, MIRA HQ Skins, and Airship Skin Bundle has been fixed at a price of Rs. 39.20 each. They were earlier priced at Rs. 49 each. The other items like Hamster Pet Bundle, the Brainslug Pet Bundle, the Bedcrab Pet Bundle, the Mini Crewmate, and the Mini Crewmate are currently fixed at the cost of Rs. 55.20. Each of them was earlier fixed at Rs. 69.

Among Us
The game is now available for free on the Epic Games Store.

This game has a group of players, referred to as the Crewmates, who have to perform a fixed set of objectives. There will be another set of players, known as the imposters. They will be trying their best to prevent the Crewmates from doing the tasks by killing them. The player must play the game in a complete manner of stealth and silence.

The discussion mainly occurs when a meeting is called or when a dead body is found in the course of the gameplay. The players will have to decide and bring out one of their Crewmates as a lure to bring out the Imposters and in turn, kill them.

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Although Among Us had released way back in 2018, its popularity remains to today’s date. In 2020 everyone was stuck at home, and they all felt very isolated because of the pandemic situation. During the lockdown, the popularity of the game increased even more as it served as a fantastic time killer. Then came the big YouTube streamers who started live-streaming the game, and this boosted the popularity of Among Us even further.

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