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Uncharted 4 by Sony Finally Launching on PCs

The PlayStation exclusive, Uncharted 4, finally comes on PCs.

Sony’s Uncharted 4, one of Sony’s big game franchises, is finally coming to the PCs. Earlier the game was only playable on the consoles. This game had a huge fan following on the consoles. The people who do their gaming on their PCs have always expressed their desire to play the game. Now they are all going to have a smile on their faces.

Yesterday, Sony held a presentation for its ‘Investor Relations day’ and during the event, they revealed that soon Uncharted 4 will be available on PCs. Another very interesting game that is there on the list is Days Gone. Days Gone has already come out on PCs during the previous week and is widely appreciated and accepted with big smiles.

During the presentation given by the company, there was a slide that was labeled as New Growth Vectors. This slide showcased all the games that will go up for release on PCs. Through this way, the company will be able to increase the number of returns on the already present first-party games developed by the company. This will also create a large number of new fans for their IP.

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Tomorrow we will be seeing the company streaming a State of Play live event. The gameplay of Horizon Forbidden West will be showcased for the first time. Hopefully, the company will make the necessary official announcements about the gaming releasing on the PC.

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