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PUBG Codename: Tiger will give Honor to the Korean History

PUBG Codename: Tiger will be the original and first 8 x 8 battleground in the time span of three years.

PUBG Codename: Tiger the latest map, will give the player the chance to respawns. The game has a lot of plans to implement this year. As a result, they have come forward with two new maps. The first one is Codename: Kiki, and the second one is Codename: Tiger. Apart from these, a lot of work has been put into the maps of Sanhok and Vikendi. We will be enjoying the team deathmatches and the ranked matches on these maps from now on. The game has taken a new initiative to give proper honor to Korean history through one of their new maps, PUBG Codename: Tiger. This map provides the player with the capability of allowing respawns.

PUBG Codename: Tiger honors Korean History

PUBG Codename: Tiger will be the original and first 8 x 8 battleground in the time span of three years. This particular map will not just be the home to the game’s first venture into respawn features but has an emotional background to it as well. This map will honor the Korean history of the game.

We have seen that the players in Call of Duty: Warzone the players have the ability to come back to life and return to the battleground after facing defeat initially. The teammates have to get hold of the dead player’s dog tags to respawn them. The developers will be trying out a similar feature in the said map. Although we do not know about much of the details till now, we are sure that it will be something great.

On the other hand, the players will get another chance to complete their share of action and survival. This is really a very interesting and exciting addition that was long-awaited in the game. Dave Curd and his team members are incredibly proud of this initiative they are taking which is being designed based on Korea.

Dave Curd further mentioned that the game, which has been everyone’s favorite for the last three years, has proved to be an excellent success for Korean developers. It is one of the biggest games to date, and hence in order to give proper honor to the country where it developed, they have taken this step of bringing in PUBG Codename: Tiger. In addition, the map brings in a version of the country that was not seen in the game earlier. Apart from the new feature of respawning, the developers are also very excited to see the players’ reaction to the beautiful colors, the heavily built architecture, and several other aspects.

The next 8 x 8 map that has been in the talks is the Codename: Kiki. This map will come into the game during the latter half of 2021. There will include a wide variety of landscapes over here. It will range from huge skyscrapers to underground labs filled with mysteries to subways to swaps and to the building submerged in water. The gaming format over here will be survival plus action plus exploration. There will be several new innovations in the gameplay of this map. However, none of the developers are revealing or speaking of anything regarding this map.

PUBG Codename: Tiger
The new map will honor Korean History.

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The first part of the PUBG Dev Plan 2021 focuses on new maps, PUBG Codename: Tiger and Codename: Kiki, and upgrading the previous map, Miramar. The second part of the development plan will bring in many changes to the gameplay and other such services for which the fans can be excited. Stay connected with MediaScrolls for more updates on the game.

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