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PUBG 2021 Dev Plan brings in some Heavy Upgrades on Miramar

The second map of PUBG, Miramar gets massive updates.

PUBG 2021 Dev Plan has brought forward its plans related to Miramar. This has revealed that this year, we will see a remastered edition of the map Miramar. In addition, there will be added number of respawns along with two latest maps- Codename: Kiki and Codename: Tiger.

Dave Curd, the creative director of the game, has explained how 2021 will be a fruitful year for them after facing a few difficulties in 2020. Even though the current world is going through pandemic conditions, the company has designed and brought forward three latest battlegrounds: Paramo, Haven, and Karakin. In addition, the company has done several works on the already existing maps- Sanhok and Vikendi. Team Deathmatch and Ranked Modes are available on these maps now.

The creative director has mentioned that the company will primarily focus on Miramar at the moment. Several updates are being added one after the other to make the visuals better and to make the gameplay even more exciting on the vast map. Miramar was the second map that came in after Erangel. The map is filled with the off-road, rugged landscape and vast open spaces, which serve as the perfect ground for the snipers. The team has faith in the already present gameplay conditions on the map. They are bringing in a majority of the updates to increase the visual performances.

We will get to see updated weather sets for overcast, clear, sunset, and sunrise through the PUBG 2021 Dev Plan. Required work will be done on making the building interiors look more authentic and original. There will be several changes made to the landscaper graphics to make them look more authentic. The windows usually had dirt on them, which made the players miss some great graphics of the gunfight. So, such junk will be removed from now.

PUBG 2021 Dev Plan
A lot of new updates, advanced graphics, a new sniper and a new ATV has been designed exclusively for Miramar.

Such advancements and better visuals will allow the game to shine even more. For example, a lot of work has been put into the legacy bunker, which lies in the southeastern part of the map. The main reason for such a huge amount of effort is to portray the story in a better way. By looking at it, we can easily understand a smuggler’s presence over there. In addition, the developers have looked into it that there are more exit points in buildings, making the player explore different parts of the game.

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There will be a new vehicle in Miramar, the Quad, PUBG’s version of the ATV. The vehicle is extremely slow but has a crazy acceleration, impressive turn radius, and very steady off-road handling. The updates will bring a new sniper to the game- Lynx AMR (Lynx Anti Material Rifle). This weapon will only be found in crates and just comes equipped with 5 rounds. It has a huge amount of power of vaporizing the players or even the cars with just a couple of shots. The creative director even mentioned that the bullets could even break through the windshields of BRDM and hit the players and do severe damage. This sniper will be available just in Miramar.

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