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Google and Facebook agree to follow the Rules laid by the Indian Government

The social media giants will continue to remain in India.

Google and Facebook have agreed that they will be abiding by the rules and regulations laid down by the IT department of the Indian government. These rules were supposed to come into effect this Wednesday. However, the top officials from the government have informed whether they will be providing Google and Facebook, the social media giants, some extensions to implement the policies.

One of the world’s biggest social media giants, Facebook, which is also running Instagram and WhatsApp, has mentioned that it will follow and abide by the New Rules and regulations laid by the government. However, they have also said that they will be discussing a few of the issues with the officials. They need further clarity from the government on those parts.

The searching platform Google has also mentioned that it has full respect for the legislative processes in the country. Google has also claimed that they have responded to all the requests and demands that the government has made to remove some content for a long time.

Internet giants Google and Facebook produce agreed to follow the new rules laid by the officials.

A representative from the company mentioned above has stated that they have invested in many resources, changes in products, and personnel to properly take the precise steps against any of the illegal content. This has been followed for a long time to abide by the laws and regulations of the country. The government has to make its decision whether it will offer the extension to these companies to implement the new rules laid down by the IT officials.

Another official has mentioned very strictly that Google and Facebook will have to abide by the laws laid down. It does not depend on them, or it is not on their hands to decide whether they want to do it or not according to their will. Even if they dislike the rules imposed, they will have to follow them in order to stay over here. If not, they might no longer retain their status as intermediaries. Criminal action can also be taken against them for not following the rules.

Google and Facebook
Google and Facebook have agreed to follow the rules and regulations laid down by the Indian government.

The executives from the said companies have informed that they are trying their best to speed up the work. However, they are facing severe delays because of the present pandemic condition. If the government can provide them with an extension of a few weeks, it would help them get all their work done.

When it comes to the number of users of these social media platforms, India holds the most significant number globally. The government has mentioned these companies should appoint a grievance officer exclusively for the country. There must be a regional office whose physical address must be mentioned on their website and application. Apart from these, there also must be a nodal person of contact who will note down all the complaints raised and send them further for proper implementation of work.

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To make the government reconsider a few of these policies, these Google and Facebook have made some arrangements. First, they seek help from some of the associations in the industry like CII, FICCI, and the US-India Business Council. They want these associations to support them to extend the deadline and consider a few of the rules.

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