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Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Might be banned in India from Tomorrow

Is it the last day for the social media giants today in India?

News is in the air that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram might no longer remain in India after tomorrow. These social media platforms will first have to adhere to the policies that the Indian government has laid down. Only by following the guidelines will they be able to stay in the country. The Indian government has the full authority to exercise its rights and take appropriate action against them for not abiding by the rules that have been laid down.

Facebook has announced that it will be following all the IT rules and regulations. They will be totally committed for the people to express themselves and communicate freely with each other. If the other social media giants do not adhere to the authorities’ policies, they will be banned from the country.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITy) has given a deadline of three months for these platforms to follow the guidelines and develop their policies accordingly. These rules will be put into effect from tomorrow. The companies are asking for a time period of six months to design and fix all their policies. There is an Indian application Koo, a social media platform that can just be the perfect alternative for Twitter. This has been accepted as the sole social platform by the Centre’s guidelines and has the ability to replace Twitter.

The social media giants- Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter could be banned in India from tomorrow.

A government officially has very strictly announced that if these social media platforms fail to abide by any of the guidelines, they might put their existence at risk. Therefore, the government has the full authority to act against them as per the rules and regulations.

One of the platforms has agreed to follow the IT rules and regulations. They stated that they would be complying with the provisions made by the IT rules. They will also need to have further discussions with some officials regarding a few of the issues. The platform will work to provide better efficiencies and work on several operational processes. Facebook will work for the ability of the people to speak and express themselves up on the particular platform freely.

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The social media giants will have to abide by the rules and regulations laid by the Indian Government.

The government rules stated that appointing the Grievance Officer was on high priority, and the companies should do this as quickly as possible. This portrayed the importance of the public interface for raising proper complaints. There also has to be an appropriate system that will acknowledge the method for proper requests and suggest the officials accordingly.

On the 25th of February, we saw the government bringing in tighter rules and regulations for all the firms running the social media platforms. The tighter rules were related to the removal of any such, which the authorities have flagged within a time span of 36 hours. There must also be a strong redressal system for the complaints, with an appointed officer for the country.

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The platforms will also have to issue a compliance report at the end of each month. This report will discuss all the complaints received within the month and the necessary actions taken against the complaints. Again, there must be physical contact and address, which must be updated in the application, website, or on both of them.

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