Black Lightning Will Not Be Returning For a Season 5
Black Lightning Will Not Be Returning For a Season 5

Black Lightning Will Not Be Returning For a Fifth Season

Black Lightning will not return for a fifth season as earlier announced in 2020 that Season 4 was said to be the last season.

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Black Lightning is a superhero show inspired by the DC comic characters of the same name. Created by  Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden and developed by Salim Akil, the series stars Cress Williams in the role of Jefferson Pierce. He is a retired Black superhero but back in action because crimes got rampant in his area.

Premiering back on 16th February 2018, the show earned a reasonably positive response and a dedicated fanbase. However, as season 4 was just concluded recently so the fans must be wondering what the Season 5 of Black Lightning will have in store for them, so today, through this article, we will give the updates on Black Lightning Season 5.

Black Lightning Will Not Return for a Season 5

The fourth season of Black Lightning was released on The CW on 8th February 2021. Consisting of 13 episodes each of 42-45 minutes, the last episode premiered on 24th May 2021.

As per the official news now, the series will not return for a fifth season. Just last year, on 7th January 2020, the show was renewed for a fourth season, and later on 20th November 2020, the shocker came that it’s going to be the final season of the show. It was surprising for the fans as Season 4  was announced well before Season 3 had finished.

Although there hasn’t been any official clarification behind the calling off of season 5, but as per the reports, the show’s ratings were declining for some time, so that might well be a reason for canceling season 5. Salim Akil, the creator, said that he was proud of the kind of work they did and how the Afro-American superheroes were brought to the character for DC.

The show ended on a satisfactory note for the viewers, at least as heard by Marvin Jones III, who acted as Tobias Whale(the villain). He said that he doesn’t think the fans would be disappointed over the ending. And that’s true since most of the threads about the characters were joined at the finale. Jefferson had encountered new challenges in putting up with the villain Whale and making things proper. Other than that, actor Jones also wrote down something emotional for the viewers and shared it on Instagram.

On the whole, the Pierce family served many lessons on morality by voicing protests against political, social, and cultural issues. In addition, it helped the audience to see a mirror of the society which is battling the same things and drove them to make the right choices. So it’s needless to say that the show will be rightly missed.

But here, it’s important to state that another spinoff show named Painkiller, based on Jordan Calloway’s character (Khalil Payne/Painkiller), might be on the list. Even Salim Akil said that though Black Lightning might end one journey, he is excited to start another continued one with The CW. But as of now, the series is yet to receive the nod. Hence, till then, we can only revisit the show Black Lightning and enjoy the characters all over for the time being. Stay tuned to Media Scrolls for the latest coverage.

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