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PlayStation 5 India Restocks Second Wave is Fixed on May 27

The next set of restocks are coming soon. Gear up to get your hands on the console.

PlayStation 5 India Restocks is the main talk in the country now when it comes to the genre of gaming. The pre-orders will be starting again very soon on ShopAtSC. The official website, ShopAtSC, has mentioned that the consoles will be available for pre-orders on the 27th of May. Earlier, we saw that the restocks were brought in and put for pre-orders on the 17th of May. The restock will be available only at the Sony centers. Last time we had seen a few of the digital editions of the console in restocks. This time there has been no word about the digital edition till now.

We did not expect that the consoles would start becoming available again in such a short time after the last pre-order phase. However, the Sony Center has given us the good news that the consoles will be available from the ShopAtSC website. The date has been fixed as 27th of May, Thursday, from 12 in the afternoon. This date is just ten days after the first phase took place this month.

The following wave of the consoles will be available from the 7th of June. This date is not confirmed as of now because of the ongoing lockdown conditions in several parts of the country due to COVID 19. Presently, we will only see the advertisements for the 27th of May made officially from Sony. However, no official news has been obtained regarding the digital edition of the console.

PlayStation 5 India Restocks has been announced again on the 27th of May by Sony officials only on ShopAtSC.

Currently, the official website from Sony is the only place where the PlayStation 5 India Restocks will be available for pre-orders. However, the other online selling platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Games The Shop, Croma, Prepaid Gamer Card, Vijay Sales, and Reliance Digital are also supposed to be involved in this depending on the earlier pre-orders.

No matter the company is calling the upcoming set of consoles as a part of the new restock. We all know that all of them have come from the same shipment from which the earlier consoles had been put up on pre-orders on the 17th of May. On that day, we saw that the consoles got sold out in just a handful of seconds.

A few websites were not being able to control the heavy traffic that they were suddenly facing. But this time, whenever the third-party stores get their hands on the console, they will be able to perform better on their websites. Since now they know how the people will react, they will keep themselves prepared to continue giving the supply to their customers.

PlayStation 5 India Restocks
The next date of restocks has been fixed as the 27th of May.

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Sony has clearly mentioned that the customers who have already bought the PlayStation 5 will not be allowed to purchase another unit. This restriction stands valid even if you have purchased a digital edition of the console. This restriction will be followed from the 27th of May. It was also being followed till now. Regarding accessories and controllers, you can purchase as many as you want. For buying a console from the official website, you will first have to make an account. Only then will you be allowed to get your hands on the console.

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