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Marvel Drops In the First Teaser of Eternals

Gear up, because the Eternals are coming soon to show their power with Kit Harrington and Angeline Jolie playing significant roles.

MCU has released the much-awaited teaser trailer of Marvel Eternals. Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) upcoming film, the Eternals, was one of the most awaited films, and the fans were eagerly waiting for the teaser trailer to release finally it has been released. Chloe Zhao, an Oscar-winning director, will be directing the movie. So we can expect nothing less than a masterpiece from Zhao.

The teaser runs for two minutes. First, we see Richard Madden and Gemma Chan as the first of the Eternals who had come to the earth. Then, there is a voice-over from Chan going on in the background. It tells us that they had existed from the very early times, the very beginning of civilization. In the course of time, they have been helpful and provided their support to many human beings to help them achieve beautiful things. They were never mean or crossed the path of human beings, but that will not be the same anymore.

Marvel Cinematic Universe releases the first teaser for the Marvel Eternals.

The other characters we will see in the movie are played by Kumail Nanjiani, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Harry Keoghan, Bryan Tree Henry, Kit Harrington, and several other actors.

The teaser shows us the Chan and Madden play the characters in the Eternals, who are actually partners. They have their marriage according to the Indian traditions. Kumail Nanjiani will be seen performing in this event. He plays the role of a Bollywood star who likes to entertain the masses. Salma Hayek and Madden play the role of those characters who are actually the leaders of the team.

They are also seen to enjoy a meal at the end of the teaser. Now that both Steve Rogers (Captain America), and Tony Stark (Ironman) are no more, the character played by Zain Al Rafee is very curious as to who would lead the Avengers. This could establish the fact that the Eternals could take the place of the Avengers to protect the earth.

The teaser is up and is looking amazing.

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The character played by Madden says that he can lead the troops. To this particular statement, we see all the others laughing. This reminds us of the scene from The Avengers in 2011 where after defeating Loki, the team wants to go and enjoy having shawarmas at a nearby joint.

However, next month we will see Marvel Cinematic universe bring up its new and one of the most awaited series, Loki. Tom Hiddleston is surely going to impress everyone with his performance in the show. After this, we will even get to see Black Widow in theatres and on online streaming platforms. Stay connected with MediaScrolls for more such updates on movies and shows.

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