Who Killed Sara Season 2
Who Killed Sara Season 2 Ending Explained in Details

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Ending Explained in Details

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Who Killed Sara Season 2 is a Mexican mystery which tells us about Alex Guzman’s hunt for the person who murdered his sister. In the second season, we saw Alex looking into Sara’s past, which opened up a lot of secrets.

It also led to the oncoming of some new characters, a blast of disgusting details that has made Sara fall into this situation.

The season finale just reshuffles the total mystery. We had thought everything was solved, and it was then when we got to know that things are just taking a turn. There is still a lot of mystery left in the show. We might have to join all the dots in order to find out the solution to this mystery.

Ending of Who Killed Sara Season 2 explained

We saw that in the end, Marifer had realized that Sara was actually his sister. Ultimately, it turned out that he had killed both of his sisters. She had been crushed in the wreckage of Cesar Lazcano’s casino, which was burnt into ashes by Elisa.

We also saw Nicandro calling the doctor and telling him to take responsibility for her death. There was a photograph where she had written that she was a subject of some sort of a mysterious scheme.

Thus we see the hunt continues for the murdered. Alex feels and considers that Marifer is actually the murderer. But this also puts us in a dilemma as to how Nicandro was related to her death.

We also find out that the old doctor was forced to keep the secret of Sara being subjected to tests of the mystery project. He is seen taking out a folder from a cabinet that has other folders in it as well. This means that there are many other subjects apart from Sara.

It seems that the character was scared that she would become like her father, who is mentally not stable. Hence she agreed to attend therapy. But she was then misled by the doctor and Nicandro. She was used as a subject in some tests for a project which eventually killed her.

Is Marifer alive?

Marifer is someone who makes the show even more mysterious. She was seen as someone who helped Alex investigate the Lazcanos. However, she had many dark motives, which finally become visible in the second season. We see her manipulating Clara, her sister, to manipulate Jose Maria.

Marifer’s character has been portrayed as vindictive, calculative, and very unstable as a person. We also find out about her obsession with Alex at the end of the second season.

Who Killed Sara Season 2
Details on Marifer’s death

She had found out that Sara was actually her half-sister. Marifer had already shot Clara, and now she is very troubled with her deeds.

Her father had murdered her mother, and she had kept herself shut about it even after knowing for so long. We find that she has been crushed under the debris of the casino, just like Sara. However, her body has not been shown. She might be shown returning after somehow saving herself.

Will Rodolfo’s revolt against Alex continue?

In both the first and second seasons, we saw that Rodolfo was very volatile in his perceptions of Alex. He sometimes becomes very sympathetic towards Alex, and during the other times, he blames him for all the misfortunes that Alex has brought to the family.

His sister, Elisa, also gets kidnapped, and then he too blames Alex for destroying his family. Finally, he decides to take down Alex and even starts planning with Mariana, his mother, to proceed with the plan.

We also get to see that Elisa has been saved. Alex and Elisa also know about the fact that Cesar is alive. They are planning to go and inform Rodolfo about it. This news might bridge the grudges between both of them.

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