Samsung galaxy Z Fold 3 leaked feature
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 leaked feature shows Touch Keys on the Side

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 leaked feature shows Touch Keys on the Side

Last Updated on May 22, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 leaked feature tells us about the possibility of the virtual buttons on the side of the phone. These virtual buttons might also be supporting gesture controls. The patent has brought out a few images that show some touch-based keys on the folding device. We can expect to see this phone in the market by the end of this year.

The previous version of the phone had set a benchmark for all the foldable phones in the market. Samsung is leading in the market for foldable phones, and they are surely assuring us to make their upcoming devices even more futuristic. There are high chances that the phone might be equipped with an under-display camera. This saves the display from any kind of cutout. There has been a patent on WIPO, which clearly shows us that the physical buttons have been removed. They have been exchanged with touch-based keys.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 leaked feature
One of the first patent images of the phone that point at the touch keys supporting virtual controls.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 leaked feature true?

The patent describes that physical keys on a bar kind of foldable device can cause some problems to the user using it. Physical keys would also mean pressing it very regularly on the side where it is present. This would damage the hinge on the side of the keys. To solve this problem, the company has thought of bringing in virtual buttons that will work on touch rather than any physical ones.

Samsung galaxy Z Fold 3 leaked feature
The company is bringing in some futuristic features in its phones. This seems the future.

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The patent images state that the phone can have the touch keys on the frame, which will support gestures. Once the phone is folded and the user presses the keys, it can work for either increasing or decreasing the volume or for locking or unlocking the phone. Maybe they can also happen by swiping or by tapping. The company has also removed these keys because the touch keys would mean more comfort. It will also provide us with a more prominent area free from anything. Although the patent suggests a lot about the presence of these touch keys, we are not totally sure about it. We should wait for some kind of official news before coming to any kind of conclusion.

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