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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8: The Last Season to Arrive on August 2021.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has fixed a date of the premiere for its ultimate season, Season 8. This show was delayed because of the massive protests that the police were facing because of their brutal behavior towards the people. Season 8 has been made totally based on that.

We will see this season premiering in the month of August on NBC. There will be two episodes coming every week. So the good thing is we will not have to wait for long for the next episode, but the bad thing is the show will get over soon.

We know that all good things soon come to an end and the same is for this show. The show will be on air on the 12th of August on NBC at 8 and 8:30 PM. Thursdays have been fixed for bringing the episodes in each week.

Two consecutive episodes will play, one starting from 8 PM and the next from 8:30 PM. The final season has a total of 10 episodes. So the entire season will be over within five weeks.

NBC’s decision to cut short the time from ten weeks to five weeks is still not clear. We had seen a similar thing happening to Arrested Development on Fox.

The show initially had a bumpy ride. Right now, we know how strong the fanbase is, but Fox had canceled the show earlier. NBC then came to the rescue and saved the show.

When NBC decided to renew the show for the eighth season, they had no idea or predefined plans that this would be the last season. But the events of police brutality in 2020 have changed a lot of things.

There were a lot of talks about whether it was the correct time to release a show filled with lovable and goofy cop characters.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 gets a fixed release date.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Time to bid farewell to one of our favorite shows as Season 8 will be the last.-Via NBC

The people in the show understood the situation and realized they would be facing many questions. So they agreed to go back and restructure the entire season according to the present-day scenario.

So in this season, the true fact of police brutality will be portrayed in some manner. Andy Samberg has also mentioned that the show will show a great balance between the showcase of the brutal behavior of the police and the funny behaviors from the loved characters that the people have been watching for around seven years now.

The season will also be portraying the present-day situation due to the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. Let’s all wait and see how Jake and his team manage the problematic situations and portray the balance in the show.

The Cast Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gets Emotional As The Show Comes To An End

Although now does not seem to be a perfect time to bring in a cop show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has always represented an alternate reality where the cops are nowhere similar to the ones in real life.

We at MediaScrolls are truly big fans of the series, and we feel that their decision to end the show with Season 8 is totally justifiable. The fact about the present situation is not the only case that must be considered here.

The show has run for seven long years. So it has reached a lot of success. The story also was portrayed amazingly till Season 7, and there is no other way to make it better. So we bid farewell to the show and all the lovable and goofy characters in it.

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