Google I/O 2021
Google I/O 2021 Has Brought Us These Announcements

Google I/O 2021 Has Brought Us These Announcements

Last Updated on May 20, 2021 by Arijit Kundu

The Google I/O 2021 event is heavily filled with “cool” updates and also technology that can be used in the upcoming days. The event has also brought us a handful of exciting surprises. The event is taking place at the Mountain View campus of the company.

A fresh new getup for Android 12

We had an idea that Android 12 was going to come soon, Now we have finally seen the first look at the new Operating System in Google I/O 2021. There is a new look that has been set for the OS, named Material You. This look focuses mainly on the applications, users, other things like the weather, time of the day. The colors of the UI and a few different aspects change accordingly. In addition, there are new security features, like the indicators of the mic and the camera being on, that have also been implemented. Finally, there are a few private computer core type features that the AI processes will also generate for customised reply backs. The beta version is out for trial and testing.

Google I/O 2021
A look at the Android 12 OS

New features by Smart Canvas

There are many businesses and people who make use of Google’s suite of productivity and tools of collaboration. Till now, they were all isolated. But the company has brought in a new change. From now onwards, they will no longer be isolated. While using Smart Canvas, the people can work on a shared document while staying on the video call. Information can also be brought in from our Drive and other places of storage.

Google I/O 2021
Smart Canvas

AI conversations become more realistic with LaMDA

Stumping AIs becomes accessible when the users want to proceed off-script, meaning asking something that might seem normal to the user but it’s totally foreign to the AI. The company’s LaMDA is the new technique for processing a new natural language. . This feature makes the conversations with AI more unexpected and unusual. It makes us feel we are actually talking to a real person. During the event, this feature was demonstrated.

WearOS bring in more features focusing on the user’s health

A smartwatch has to meet different demands for the users. These demands might range from watching a movie on the watch to tracking the steps, health-related factors, and meditation. Thus WearOS will be infusing quite a lot of Fitbit features and along with that some third-party applications like Flo and Calm.

Google I/O 2021
New features added to WearOS

New Foldable Devices

The company, along with Samsung, has realized a fact. People will not pour in a large amount of money for foldable devices until and unless it offers some really good specifications and features. This brings us to the point where the companies will collaborate with each other and work on how the foldable devices can interact with Android and make the system even better.

Google I/O 2021
Collaboration to make foldable devices even better

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Use your Android smartphone as your car key.

This feature will only work if you have a new Android device with the UWB chip in it. BMW cars have been taken for testing this feature. The other companies will be soon be tested as well. This seems like a very exciting method to unlock your car whenever you get close to it. This feature will also enable you to give some basic commands to your vehicle, like switching on your Bluetooth. But Bluetooth is old. So now comes UWB.

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