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No Man’s Sky Adds Support Of Nvidia’s DLSS

The players who are fans of No Man’s Sky will now have the ability to go around and explore the vast horizons of the space. The frame rate that the players will get while gaming will be very smooth and will go up to 4K resolution. This is possible because of the support that the game is now receiving from Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling Technology (DLSS). The announcement has been made on Tuesday by the developer Hello Games and Nvidia.

This particular feature, DLSS, is exclusive to a few of the graphics cards from Nvidia. The feature improves the performance and the quality of graphics that the game provides. In this process, the low-resolution images are taken; they are then upscaled using machine learning algorithms. Caution is taken regarding loss of quality. As the images are being rendered at a lower resolution, thus the process is comparatively less difficult for computers. Hence we get better performance and higher frame rates.

No Man’s Sky now works at 4K after using Nvidia’s support of DLSS.

In the case of the game, this feature should ensure that more payers can enjoy the gaming experience at 4K resolution. This being said, the frame rates have to be kept at reasonable levels so that it is playable. At times we might see an image that does not look as good as the one which was natively played at 4K. There are times when the image will go past the native 4K quality.

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For checking the increase in the performance of the game, here is a video that will show the boost in the Frame Rates when the game was being played on Nvidia RTX 2060 Super. This graphics card is a moderate one that can perform DLSS on the category of GPUs that come in its range. The video posted above also tells us that the game can run very well on VR (virtual reality) platforms as well. The feature we are talking about, DLSS, is available on those GPUs which can support ray-tracing. These are mostly the GPUs belonging to the RTX 20 and the RTX 30 series.

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