Hotel Transylvania 4
Hotel Transylvania 4 Trailer is Out Now: Here are the Key points from the Trailer

Hotel Transylvania 4 Trailer is Out Now: Here are the Key points from the Trailer

Last Updated on May 18, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

The Hotel Transylvania 4 trailer is now the final preview of the Hotel Transylvania 4; the Transformania franchise has been launched. It is one of the top-rated shows with the Sony franchise since the first season in 2012. In addition, monstrous devils like The Invisible Man, Count Dracula, and Frankenstein through the series these characters are looked at from a more humane angle and in a children-friendly manner.

The fourth part is the final one, though the entire franchise is so well received. With Todd Durham as the creator, the band consists of four movies, three short films, graphic novels, video games, and a Disney Channel TV series. The subtitle Transformania was appendaged in April 2021 and gave a new date for the release, 23rd July 2021. Nothing about the storyline is known as of now, and It is believed that most cast members of earlier films in this franchise are expected to make a reprise though Adam Sanders is the exception. Last three seasons, he has been voicing the character of Dracula. It’s not that Dracula won’t be seen in the fourth part, It’s just that Brian Hull will now voice it. Sony releases a teaser, but still, nothing could be made of the plot. 

Hotel Transylvania 4 Trailer and Updates

But the trailer released by Sony Pictures Animation gave a fair idea to the audience about the fourth installment. It is seen that Andy Samberg’s Johnny Loughran is changing into a monster and Dracula into a human. So with this, we get the feeling that the franchise will be ending with a bang. It’s a light-hearted film series perfectly homaged by A Freaky Friday. Johnny and Drac pull out antics in the new trading places they go, which will be fun to watch. 

Hotel Transylvania 4
Hotel Transylvania 4 Updates

We can get more idea of Hull’s performance as Dracula from the trailer. It seems he took the challenge well after the legacy left behind by Sanders, and Hull will fit in his shoes. The effortless transition from Sanders to Hull, which didn’t bother the film much, is because Hull already voiced Dracula in the Hotel Transylvania short film Monster Pets, this year itself, in early 2021. 

We are hopeful after watching the trailer that the Hotel Transylvania 4, Transformania brings a fittingly memorable end to this super famous and loved franchise. It’s needless to say that the audience expects the same kind of humor, emotion, and adventures that they experience in all the previous three films under the name. Till then, stay tuned to MediaScrolls for more such exciting news.

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