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GTA 6 Maps Reported to be Leaked Online

The whole GTA 6, or maybe just a small part of it, has leaked on the internet. This is in with the previous leaks that had happened. The first look at the game’s maps was leaked in 2020. Later during the same year, there was another image that had surfaced on the internet. This image gave us a magnified look at one of the pictures that had leaked previously. Currently, a new image has come on the internet that shows much more magnifications of the previously leaked images. If we have to put it all in simple terms, then all the four pictures that have come out are related to each other.

One of the pictures that leaked in Early 2020

One of the first images leaked in the series of pictures shows a huge body of land. This huge land was surrounded by small bodies of land that seemed to look like tiny islands. Based on all the images that have been leaked, we can presume that the large body of land is actually Vice City. The other islands surrounding it are some of the Caribbean Islands. Whatever may it be, when the huge map had leaked, a huge part of it was incomplete. The latest leak fills in the unfinished half. However, they do not reveal a lot to us. But if we put together all the leaked pictures, we can surely figure out a large land body with small land bodies surrounding it.

The second leak in 2020

The maps for GTA 6 have been leaked.

All the leaked images have been put on 4chan by unknown users. So all these images should be taken with huge grains of salt. It is true that there have been massive accurate leaks on 4chan. But there have been some significant leak failures and false leaks on the website as well. If these turn out to be fake images, then they surely are very impressive fakes.

The third map leak during the end of 2020

Many reliable and unreliable leakers have confirmed that the game will be set on Vice City, which is the fictional format of Miami. But there seems to be some conflict with the remaining part of the map of the game. A few of the leakers have claimed that the map shows several Caribbean Islands. There are others who say that the map shows the central location of South America. And the remaining believe that the game will bring in many cities from America in their fictional ways.

The recently leaked image

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Rockstar Games has not put forward any comments related to any of these things. Neither have they put forward any of their comments on the previous leaks nor are they saying anything now. So we do not think that this will change. But if it does, then the story has to be designed according to that. There are also leaks that state that Rockstar Games is preparing itself to reveal the game worldwide.

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