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Battlefield 6
Battlefield 6 Brings In Bad News For All Fans

Battlefield 6 Brings In Bad News For All Fans

There are reports of a new Battlefield 6 game. Unfortunately, this has surfaced on the internet even before the actual date of the release of the reveal trailer of the game, which has been scheduled for the upcoming month. This report does not bear good news. We have always seen Tom Henderson, the game leader bringing in the game during the holidays on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and 5. The most beautiful part of the game is its campaign mode. But in this new installment of the game, the campaign mode is missing.

Like Call of Duty, this franchise also does not focus a lot on the multiplayer modes. Instead, people enjoy the campaign mode and its storyline. So this news that has been revealed brings a frown on the faces of the people who enjoy campaign modes on such games. This might also be an indication that the product has been quickly delivered to the market. As the pandemic times are proving hard to all the other industry sections, similarly for the development of games, it is the same.

Battlefield 6 brings bad news for all the fans of the game.

Battlefield 6
The game might not feature a campaign mode in this installment.

Henderson mentions that he has not heard about anything related to the campaign mode of the game. He also points out that EA had also did not talk about such a thing happening. In the latest earnings call, EA had mentioned several things about the game’s multiplayer modes and other aspects as well.

Henderson says that he had to look back at all the EA earnings calls again, but this was the first where the company has not mentioned anything about the campaign mode. Although this does not mean there might not be a campaign. We will just have to wait for an official announcement. Then we will be sure whether it will just be a multiplayer game or come with a campaign mode as well.

We must also keep in mind that EA had also not mentioned anything about a Battle Royale format anytime. According to the rumors there might be a Battle Royale format in the game. These are all leaked and rumored news which must be taken with a pinch of salt. Once official announcements are made, we will get to know everything for sure.

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Currently, EA and DICE have not spoken a word about either the campaign or a Battle Royale format of the Battlefield 6 game. They also have not given any comments on whatever Henderson has mentioned.

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