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AT&T and Discovery Merger Might Affect DC Comics

Have AT&T and Discovery Merger discovered something that is going to strike badly on the DC Comics? Of course, we all have an idea that the world of entertainment is constantly in flux. There are several powerhouse companies that are collaborating and getting hold of many assets in the recent few years. One such recent example is Discover Inc. and AT&T. Both these companies are in talks to bring together their assets. Their goal is to successfully make and develop a presence in the media that could compete with the outputs of Disney and Netflix.

A new report states the fitting structure would be to bring together WarnerMedia and Disney to a new publicly traded venture. This will be co-owned by the shareholders of Discovery and AT&T. This has started the people to think about what would happen to the properties that are already under the banner of WarnerMedia. One of these properties is the DC Comics.

Will DC Comics get affected by the AT&T and Discovery Merger?

DC has been attached to the TimeWarner corporation in every way from way back in 1960. Dc has been providing a huge plethora of characters and many interesting plots to inspire many television shows and movies. During the previous decade, DC’s role as a subsidiary for the Warner Bros. Studio has changed drastically, mainly with the arrival of DC Entertainment. They look after the publishing arm and also the other adaptations inspired by all the characters in the comics. We have seen their market growing a lot after AT&T had purchased Time Warner back in 2018. There were some big executive changes and major decisions on both the grounds of filming and publishing.

AT&T and Discovery Merger
What will be the fate of DC Comics if the merger happens successfully?

Currently, we have no information about how DC Comics would get affected if there is a merger between AT&T and Discovery. We are also not totally sure whether this merger is going to happen or not. There are also a few reports which state that the merger, if at all it happens, would break apart. Let us suppose that even if the merger actually happens then, we know that Discovery has always been known to focus more on non scripted programs and reality TVs. This means that DC and the remain fictional franchises would remain untouched or unchanged.

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Suppose the deal actually turns out to be successful. In that case, the idea of the existence of DC under the parent company, which will be a hybrid of Discovery and WarnerMedia, seems very odd. This hybrid could bring out the greater potential in the DC films somehow or the other.

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