The Flash Season 7 Bids Farewell To Cisco

The Flash Season 7
The Flash Season 7 Bids Farewell To Cisco

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The fans who had been following The Flash Season 7 had already known the fact that Cisco would soon depart. Here is the official summary for one of the most beloved character’s ultimate episodes in the show.

Carlos Valdes plays the character of Cisco in the show. He has been a beloved member among the team members of the show right from the start. The eighth season of Arrow in 2020 also saw the character of Cisco, which made him one of the longest characters who has served in the Arrowverse. Earlier, he played the role of a genius scientist at S.T.A.R Labs for helping Barry Allen. he then became a metahuman hero, but he then reverted back again to his original form. During the beginning of May, it was confirmed that Tom Cavanagh and Valdes would leave the show.

In the ninth episode, Timeless, we understood that Cisco would depart soon. After having a heavy fight with Barry Allen’s new plan of saving the world and getting inspired by Timeless Wells, he realized it was time for him to bid farewell to the Central City. This decision clashed with Kamilla’s plan to move to San Francisco. So it seems that they will start on a new chapter together in the upcoming times.

Summary and Cisco’s ultimate episode details in The Flash Season 7 are here for you.

The Futon Critic has cleared the smoke as to when the pair would make a move officially. In a two-part episode, they will be revealing their decision to leave. The episode will be named Good-Bye Vibrations. This will be on air on the 1st of June 2021. The fans are very curious about it, and this episode has been named like that to pay tribute to the powers that Cisco had possessed while protecting the Central City. Along with the airdate, the summary of the entire episode has been revealed. It is clear that Cisco will not be leaving the city without one last mission.

The Flash Season 7
The 7th season of the show bids farewell to Cisco

When Cisco and Kamila finally announce their decision to leave the city, another thing comes up for the entire team. A new form of Rainbow raider has started his attacks. Hence Barry, Caitlin, and Iris get busy to stop these attacks and save the city. Thus they do not get much time to analyze the news dropped in by Cisco and Kamila.

Jeff Hersh and Kelly Wheeler penned down the farewell, with Philip Chipera as the director. Rainbow Raider was first seen in Season 1, Episode 8. Cisco, at that point in time, went around the Earth-Prime listing all the modifications of the villains. That knowledge will surely help the team in defeating the new form of Rainbow Raider. This will be the best send-off because it makes the fact so clear how integral Cisco was for the entire team.

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The Flash Season 7 is presently at its 10th episode now, Family matter Part 1. This will premiere on the 18th of May, 2021.