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PlayStation 5 India Restocks
The next date of restocks has been fixed as the 27th of May.

Sony PS5 Restocks Will Arrive on May 17

Sony PS5 Restocks update has been creating a lot of drama since its pre-bookings happened in January. This drama is not just happening in India but also in a few other parts of the world as well. In February, we saw a concise time period for the pre-booking of the console. As a result, the quantities were minimal.

The PlayStation 5 numbers which were offered in India were very small and less in numbers. There were many retailers here and there who said all different things about the lack of units in India. Now, finally, we have received a date for the restock of the consoles. Prepaidgamercard has provided this piece of information.

Prepaidgamercard has mentioned that the restocks will begin on the 17th of May from 12 noon. The orders which the customers will place will get shipped by the 24th of May. IGN India has reported that the restocks will be in limited quantities as many parts of the country are facing lockdowns.

Sony PS5 Restocks Update Sony has finally confirmed the date.

A few units of the Digital Edition of the console might also be available as it is the cheaper option to go to. Regarding accessories, the only ones which will be available are the DualSense controllers and not anything else.

Sony PS5
17th of May is the date for the Sony PlayStation 5 and DualSense controllers to be available in the country.

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When the company had allotted a few pre-orders in India, it saw that all of them had immediately got sold off. The company was very surprised by this and had mentioned that more stocks would come soon. The people who could not get their hands on the console were thoughtful of getting it in the second wave of restocks. But the second wave of restocks did not arrive in India for a very long period of time. The company had promised to bring in units in February, but nothing of that sort happened. Very handful of units were available from the retailers, and all of them got sold out instantly.

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