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Radhe Movie Review: Here is what we think about the movie
Radhe Movie Review: Here is what we think about the movie

Radhe Movie Review: Here is What We Think about the Movie

Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai has finally been released. After a long wait when no films were to be seen around, movie lovers have turned to Radhe for their due dose of entertainment. As a typical Salman Khan film, the film was set to be packed with action, romance, suspense, and comedy, which is expected to be the most popular film. So we have also watched Radhe and today through this article we will give you our review on the film.

The plot follows a typical Bollywood formula where the children are getting drawn into the evil drug racket in Mumbai. The chunk of the drug dealing is Randeep Hooda, playing the role of Rana. Radhe, played by Salman Khan, is suspended police who is brought back to the action only to put Rana behind bars.

The Mumbai police decide to get back suspended officer Radhe on duty to clean the city. Radhe joins soon and first convinces two rival groups of Dagdu Dada and Dilwar to join here against the drug business, all help him clean the city.

Radhe’s reporting officer is the amusing ACP Avinash Abhyankar, a funny character who always steals Radhe’s credits. At the same time, Radhe falls in love with Avinash’s sister Dia who wants to be a model. Rana, a drug lord who has arrived in Mumbai, forces people to sell drugs and murders Dilwar from his brother Mansoor, who works for him. Radhe manages to track Rana down, beginning a long cat and mouse game between them.

The protagonist is obviously Radhe, acted by Salman Khan and the antagonist or villain is Rana, played by Randeep Hooda. Radhe’s main aim is to capture the drug mafia rampantly running his illegal business and trapping children. Salman Khan’s style of action and the film’s attitude towards mixing with the film are far more attractive, needless to talk of his acting.

His chemistry with Disha Patani is also something people had been waiting to watch. There are a few feet tapping numbers in the soundtrack of the film. Jackie Shroff and Gautam Gulati also appear in important roles in the film.

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Radhe Review: MediaScrolls’ review on the film

Although there are some entertaining yet brutal action sequences in the film. Not just plain gunfights, be it in a washroom, or police station, or high up in the air, the film shows some of the really over-the-top action sequences that are not very realistic in approach.

Although the faceoffs between Radhe and Rana were quite entertaining in the end. But overall, the film is mostly filled with action sequences and cringeworthy one-liners.  The film would have turned out better if it would have taken a more realistic approach with the storyline. But all in all, the film will turn out good for the Salman Khan fans.

As we said, the film is a one-time watch for Salman Khan fans. Apart from that, we don’t think that the neutral audience will enjoy this movie as much. So if we had to give a review on the film, we would give it a 5/10. So that is our review on Radhe; for more interesting updates, stay tuned to MediaScrolls.

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