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Ellen DeGeneres Talk Show To End in 2022

The talk show by Ellen DeGeneres, which was on for a very long time, will be ending soon.  The Ellen DeGeneres Show will complete 19 years of being aired, which will end officially after the 2021-22 season. It has been shown since 2003.

The show was a fixed one, on the timetable of daytime tv shows and has inspired some more shows, namely the “Ellen’s Game of Games,” “The Masked Dancer,” “Family Game Fight,” and “Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways.”

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres Show Rating Hit significantly.

Hearsay about the show getting ended has been on since Ellen wished to discontinue the show in 2019 but ended up renewing it for another three years. That way, her contract ends in 2022!

The producers of the show, the Telepictures Production by Warner Bros, have started preparations to bid goodbye to DeGeneres for some time now. Even they considered roping in Jennifer Aniston as the next one for the show since her appearance at the show was much liked.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ellen DeGeneres said she wished to stop at Season 16. But they said they wanted to sign for four more years while she wanted to do for maybe just one. They said the station required more commitment, and they settled at signing for three years.

Her constant presence in the landscape of daytime shows resulted from the changed American mindset towards the LGBTQ community. Finally, after five years after her open revelation as a lesbian on the Time magazine cover with the headline “Yep; I’m Gay.” Finally, she was the sole ruler in the daytime show scenario after Oprah Winfrey dominated that for long 25 years.

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Problems associated with the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Talk Show.’

But recently, there have been allegations about racial behavior and intimidation on both DeGeneres and the show itself. Variety reported about the displeasure of the crew members when their pay was reduced. And also, because of miscommunication and their ill-treatment at the hands of the producers when the show was stopped due to the pandemic and non-union tech staffs were hired for recording the show from DeGeneres’ residence in California.

The incident did much to damage the reputation of DeGeneres, and firing the executive producers: Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman and co-executive producer Jonathan Norman also didn’t help much. DeGeneres was a comic public figure, and her insistence on being kind to her viewers seemed especially in contrast to this maligned reputation.

She addressed the incident and said that though it was very hurtful, she wasn’t quitting because of that incident because otherwise, she wouldn’t be back with this season.

The viewer’s ratings declined both due to other shows coming up, thus fragmenting the show landscape, which was earlier only owned by the DeGeneres show. And also because of viewers getting distracted. The
NBCUniversal led the daytime talk show “The Kelly Clarkson Show” while gaining viewership with its style of performance sections and gentle talks. The news of The Ellen DeGeneres Show was first declared by The Daily Mail.

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