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Battlegrounds Mobile India Will Start Pre-Registrations Soon

Last Updated on May 14, 2021 by Arijit

Battlegrounds Mobile India is about to release soon, but we are not sure whether the game will run on iOS devices. The earlier game, PUBG, ran on both Android and iOS devices, so people owning iOS devices would very much expect it to work. The South Korean company, Krafton, has cut off all its ties with Tencent Games (which was originally from China) for bringing back the game in the country.

From September 2020, PUBG Mobile India had been banned in the country. This is because the country’s central government felt that this game could cause a lot of problems in the online security of its people. There were then announcements of bringing back the game in the very next month

The game, PUBG Mobile, has recently changed its structure and will come with a new name. Krafton has mentioned that the people will be able to pre-register for the game from the 18th of May. These pre-registrations will happen from the Google Playstore. The people interested in the game can simply search for the game and click on the pre-register option. On doing this, the game will be readily available to the registered users once it launches.

This game will be free to play just like it was earlier. The Indian audience will be getting some exclusive content, as this has been designed especially for the people in India. The company has revealed that the game will feature one of the most popular maps of the game- Sanhok. This map has held the interest among the players along with the other maps like Erangel and Miramar covering a larger space.

Pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India begins on the 18th of May.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Pre-registration start from the 18th of May

The fact as to whether the game will come on iOS devices is still unclear. The earlier form of the game was very popular among all the smartphone devices, be it Android or iOS devices. Krafton has cut off all its ties with the Chinese company Tencent Games. Krafton has then built a webpage for the game in India. This website informs everyone about the latest advancements and further plans with the game. The developers have mentioned that this game will provide a gaming experience in the multiplayer genre that is world-class and AAA-rated. The players will also be able to enjoy the exclusive content in the game, like outfits and tournaments.

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There were many players whom we had seen who would participate in many international tournaments. This will not be possible anymore as the game is going to be exclusive only for the country. This has been done to ensure a greater amount of online security. They consider the user data and their privacy to be a top priority. They will be working along with partners to ensure that the priority is maintained and proper work is done for the security of all the players. The game will collect the necessary data by following all the laws and regulations that the government of India has laid down.