When Will The Upshaws Season 2 Release?
When Will The Upshaws Season 2 Release?

When Will ‘The Upshaws Season 2’ Release?

Last Updated on May 13, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

The new Netflix sitcom ‘The Upshaws Season 2’ has finally concluded. The show is about the head of the family, Bennie, who worsens every situation by his foolishness. So naturally, it irritates his wife Regina, who gets to hear about her husband’s foolishness from her sister Lucretia. Wanda Sykes and Mike Epps are also the show’s executive producers; apart from acting in the series, they also work as the executive producer. The audience extremely loved the first season because of its relatable starring characters and high level of comedy. So after the first season made the fans laugh their hearts out, they are eager to know about the show’s second season.

When Will The Upshaws Season 2 Release?

The first season of The Upshaws released on Netflix on 12th May 2021. It consisted of 10 episodes, each of 25-30 minutes duration.

There is no official notification about the release of season 2 of the show as of now. However, Skye pointed out that relatable characters portraying current middle-class families are essential for the show. Along with this comes the super awesome comedy brought by Epps and Skye. Both the reasons are enough to get a second season.

And on top of it, the first season has just been done with introducing the quirky characters, so season 2 is expected to explore their troubles in life. Especially the hint at the ending of the first season predicts a significant downfall to be faced by Bennie.

Behind a sitcom to run successfully for many reasons, the team is also vital. For The Upshaws, it seems hopeful this time as comedic duo Sykes and Epps and the talented TV personality like Kim Fields. So if the show is renewed for another season, it might get released sometime in mid-2022.

Cast Details Of ‘Upshaws Season 2’: Whom Can We Expect in the Next Season?

The main character of The Upshaws 1 is the clumsy but good-intentioned Bernard Upshaw or Bennie. Mike Epps plays it. Regina is the character of his wife, played by Kim Fields. The other characters are the children: Bernard Jr., played by Jermelle Simon, Aaliyah, acted by Khali Spraggins, and Maya, played by Journey Christine.

Bennie is also father to a son he has with Tasha, Gabrielle Dennis, a local hairdresser. Another important character is the sassy sister of Regina, Lucretia. Wanda Sykes plays the role. There are other two characters, Duck, who turned to religion lately after being paroled, acted by Page Kennedy, and Tony, by Michel Estime, who assisted Bennie at the garage.

The cast won’t be changed in the second season since there aren’t any major plot twists and all issues are resolved. However, maybe the character of Bennie’s child outside wedlock, Ayaamii Sledge, will appear properly in Season 2. She was last seen towards the end of the first season.

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The Upshaws Season 2 Plot: What to Expect?

The Upshaws show the weird yet adorable Upshaw family and their past lives. We know about the side characters like Duck, who was a conman. And had feelings for Regina and Tony, who is not only a garage assistant but an advisor to Bennie too. Regina’s apparently distant sister Lucretia seems to have an affair which scandalizes Regina, and the senior son Bernard Jr. Comes out to his parents.

The first season showed the unbreakable bond and love between the Upshaw family like every other family. There were many trials and topsy turvy incidents in their lives, but they survive due to their love. But now, the second season might test the same love since it anticipates the appearance of a daughter of Bennie, born outside wedlock.

Regina’s relationship with Bennie might turn disturbing because of his antics, hilarious, entertaining, yet heartbreaking at times since she will be worked up due to her upcoming MBA and GMAT exam pressure. Also, more of Bennie’s negativities will be pointed out eagerly by sassy Lucretia in the forthcoming second season. It will induce more of the typical verbal battle between the two. Till then, stay tuned to MediaScrolls for more such exciting news.

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