Netflix's New Zombie Movie 'Army of the Dead' Review- Zack Snyder's New Zombie Movie is Worth the Watch
Netflix's New Zombie Movie 'Army of the Dead' Review- Zack Snyder's New Zombie Movie is Worth the Watch

Netflix’s New Zombie Film ‘Army of the Dead’ Review- Zack Snyder’s New Zombie Movie is Worth the Watch

Last Updated on May 13, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Army of the Dead Review: The new Zack Snyder’s new zombie heist movie’s early reviews are out now. And all we can say is that it is Zack Snyder’s remarkable return to the Zombie genre once again. After releasing the Justice League Snyder cut in March 2021, the film was especially loved by the DC fans. So now, with this exceptional new zombie heist movie ‘Army of the Dead,’ all we can say is that Zak Snyder is having a good time this year.

Snyder Cut was released in March 2021; this zombie action thriller ‘Army of Dead’ is directed by Zack Snyder. The cast includes Dave Bairistar,Ana de la Revista,Ella Purcell, Nora Arnezeder, Matthias Schweighofer and Toh Notaro.

After the Zombie outbreak in Vegas, a group of mercenaries took that ultimate gamble to pull off a massive heist in the quarantine zone itself. The early reviews are out, and MediaScrolls also watched this new Zombie heist by Zack Snyder, and here we are to share our review on the film.

Army of the Dead Review: MediaScrolls’s Review on the Film

You will probably in shock as Army of Daad is showcasing a zombie and heist film mixture. That is how Netflix is working nowadays. There are scenes where the film leans over the action thriller, blood fights, and so more. But that is not the actual theme of the movie is roaming around. Instead of this, Snyder was stuck in something darker and bleak inside a hybrid of genres that people are waiting for for so long.

However, Snyder tries to try something more profound and darker to engage the audience was something very establish and proven all right. Also, Snyder was busy with their tactics, which we can say overstuffed on every part of the movie. For some audiences, the flakiness of this movie was something worthful for waiting so long, but on the other hand, it’s overstuffing to reach the end of the film. So we will probably give it a 7/10 rating.

Review and Response From Fans and Critics

Army of Dead, an action thriller, will release in theatres on May 14 and May 21 on Netflix. This is going to be a huge deal for Netflix. Twitter was full of early responses from the fans; also, critics started posting their reviews.

The concept was relatively high as ex-militant Scott Ward leads the team towards Los Vegas. Up to playground of walking dead, to steal $200m from underground. They have 32 hours left for this mission to complete. Yes, with Zombies, Ocean eleven meets Escape from New York.

The opening was incredible, covered so much hooting, Zombies Showgirl in a feather attire. But after this half-hour, everything settled down. There is a whole world left to be build up and introduced of all the characters. As Toh Notary’s Chopper Pilot rounded up by Ward, safecracker of Matthias Schweighofer, Social media influencers of Raul Castillo zombies were being killed, and the list is never-ending.

Ella Purnell’s Jalte introduction is also a must; she was the estranged daughter of Ward and always allowed. Some emotional scenes of zombie tiger eating somebody’s face as zombies banknotes and chomp in the air casino gunned down the smithereens. It was not so subtle but satirical.

It was a long series, still many things left unexplained, but the animated version of Army of Dead and the prequel movie titled Army of Thieves will cover all the unanswered stuff. It only touched the basic idea of zombies stripping away civil things. But it was pretty amazing as changing the plot a bit of Z- movie, choreography, acoustic version of The Cranberries Zombie, and army fans will live at and embrace it.
Others will find it immensely disturbing the plot, but some will take out the essential flavorsome things from the plotting.

Will the audience enjoy watching Army of Dead? We will get to know all our answers after May 14 release and on Netflix on May 21. That’s all for today with this new movie ‘Army of the Dead’ review; for more such exciting updates and movie reviews, stay tuned to MediaScrolls.

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