Battlegrounds Mobile India Might Launch On 10th June

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Pre-registration start from the 18th of May

Last Updated on May 12, 2021 by Arijit

Battleground Mobile India has already made their website and has mentioned that the game is Coming Soon. It is a much-awaited game in the country, and the trailer of the game might release on the 31st of May. For the launch of the game, we will be informing you further in the article.

It has been a week since Krafton Inc has announced that our very favorite PUBG will be launched in India. However, it will return with a new name- Battlegrounds Mobile India. There are many reports which have assured us that the game will launch in the month of June. Although we have not received any kind of official information from the team, Ocean Sharma, a popular influencer and PUBG caster has mentioned that the game might be launching in India in the month of June. The actual date in June was not disclosed. He, however, confirmed that the trailer would be up before the 31st of May.

He mentioned that there would be two big announcements this month. One of them has already been made. It was just a teaser; the original trailer will land before the end of the month. The game is taking baby steps one at a time. By June, we can hope for the game to be available for everyone.

Will Battlegrounds Mobile India launch on the 10th of June?

During the previous week, when the announcements about the game were being made, another thing was informed. Krafton has given us confirmation that the game will be available for pre-registration very soon. The company claims that every player will receive a superior multiplayer gaming experience on their mobile phones. The game will contain some exclusive in-game features like outfits and dresses. In addition, there will be an e-sports ecosystem with timely leagues and tournaments. This will provide the players with a free-to-play experience on their smartphone devices.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
The trailer will launch before the 31st of May

The South Korean developer released several details of the game. These details include the limitation in the number of gaming hours for each user, policies regarding privacy, consent from parents, and a few others. People who are below 18 years of age will have to receive consent from their parents to continue enjoying the game. The game cannot be played for more than 3 hours a day. The maximum amount of money that the underage users can spend has also been limited by the company. Under-age users will not be able to spend more than Rs. 7,000 for making purchases in the app.

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Many fans of the game have voiced their say on Twitter as to when the game would release. Some of them have some pretty weird theories, while many others have said that the game would launch on the 10th of June. However, there has been no official news from the developers yet. Hence, confirmations cannot be made just on the basis of what the fans are saying.