My hero academia season 5 episode 8

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 8 – What to expect?

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My Hero Academia Season 5 concluded its seventh episode, and here we are looking forward to the action that will take place in episode 8. The first combat battle ended. Class A team had won the battle with Shinso.In the second combat battle, Momo’s analysis and Kendo’s planning were accurate and when straight. But class B won the battle, and it was a 50-50 result for both the classes.

Tokoyami was with Konoki; he was helping him to get over through mushrooms. Now Mono and Kendo had a hot conversation, and suddenly a robot carried Mono away, saying without training, humans will be losers. Here are all the details that you need to know about My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 8.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 8 Release Date 

Episode 8 is given the title ‘Match 3 Conclusion,’ and it will be released on May 15, 2021. You can stream it on UTC and NTV

My hero academia season 5 episode 8
My Hero Academia Characters

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 8 Plot

In episode 8, because of Honeniki’s Softening Quirk, the Class 1-A team will get highly affected. Now Class 1-B will be more powerful in this situation. But with Shoto using his fire quirk, Class 1-A gains the upper hand. Shoto always cursed this Quirk of him which he got from his father, but he will be compelled to use it.

If he wants the team to win the match, then he will most probably use his Fire Quirk to overcome the situation and will be in power. Tony’s Quirk will also be more beneficial for his team. Meanwhile, he will face some trouble in tackling Reciprocal Turbo. When they were fighting, Shruti And Tetsutetsu may likely cross beyond their limits. So expectations are that this battle will be a tie or will not conclude something definite.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 7 Recap

Shota realized that all the heroes kept their powers hidden in war two and showcased all the powers in war 2. After this, Vlad King announces the person having the Blood Control Quirk. He asked for Fukidashi Kendo to remind her regarding whatever the damage has been caused. After this, Kinko’s mushroom situation was getting worsen, and then Shota asks Vlad regrading this. He told her that it would take approximately 2hours more to disappear. Shota suggested changing the 3rd war location.

Meanwhile, Neito was happy with the 2nd war result as Class B was the winner. He was the one who uses Copy Quirk. He was confident about the victory of Class B. Neito informs Izuku, Pinky, Momo, and others not to get frustrated quickly and start seeing changes in their powers in battle. Suddenly Kendo arrives and hits Neito hard as the battle was still going on. Mineta said he would never change.

Pinky was thinking over why Neito always liked to do this when he knows that Kendo will hit him hard. Denki said that class B has more monsters that are in their secret position. During this, Izuku was observing everything about their Quirks getting stronger due to metal growth. Ochoa knows that Iski has observed a lot of things about his opponents in detail.

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