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Alvaro Morte Bids Adieu to his Character in Money Heist with his Instagram Post

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Money Heist 5 will again bring all our favorite characters. One among them is Alvaro Morte, who plays the role of Sergio Marquina, The Professor. He has bid his farewell to the show. Season 5 will be the final season of the show and will release on Netflix during the latter part of 2021.

Alvaro Morte, or The Professor, has been the mastermind of all the robberies in the show. The fans have been waiting for the fifth season to release very eagerly. The production is almost over for the show, and the actors are bidding farewell and saying their goodbyes one after the other. They have even posted some emotional posts on their social media platforms. Alvaro Morte, The Professor, has also expressed his emotions on Instagram via a post. This post has got all the fans emotional as well. Now it is just the wait for the final season to come up on Netflix.

Money Heist Season 5 actor Alvaro Morte says his goodbyes to the show and his character.

The actor has shared a video where he is sitting inside his car, and he is bidding his farewell to the entire show, his character, and all the other co-actors. Although he does not say anything much, the expression when he turns around to look at the building for one final time has left all the lovers in sorrow.

In the post’s caption, the actor has mentioned that he will be missing the times he spent playing The Professor. The character has been everyone’s favorite for the last four seasons. He shares his love and thanks to all his fans for all the love that they have given him throughout the years. He also congratulates his teammates for making such a successful show. He also thanks to them for being such amazing co-actors and such amazing people. He will definitely be missing the times on set, and especially his character as The Professor.

Many celebrities have reacted to his posts, including his co-stars from the show Esther Acebo, Najwa Nimri, and Itziar Ituño. Netflix Spain has also made their comments on the video shared by the actor. They commented that they might all start crying after the fifth season ends.

Alvaro Morte, who plays the role of The Professor, is the mastermind behind the two robberies that took place throughout the show. He brings the entire gang together and plans every single detail of their moves. During this process, he also falls in love with Inspector Raquel, who has been given the name of Lisbon in the gang.

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Along with Alvaro Morte, the other actor in the show Itziar Ituño also posted on her Instagram handle with a note of thanks after packing up. Itziar played the role of Lisbon (9after joining the gang) or Raquel, rather Inspector Raquel, when she was in the force. She is in love with The Professor in the show.

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