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Battlegrounds Mobile India comes as the new name for PUBGM India

Last Updated on August 21, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

PUBG Mobile India has been given a new name- Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game has been teased itself, but the game’s launch date has not yet been announced. The official website of the game mentions that it will be coming soon in big, bold letters. It seems that the game has been designed exclusively for Indian players.

In November 2020, it was announced that PUBG Corporation would bring back PUBG Mobile to India. The timeline of the launch was not mentioned back then for the country.

Last month there was a YouTube video channel that was created for the game. It had put up a video saying the game will get launched very soon in India. There was a creative banner that was made for the game, but it got leaked last week.

This banner leaked that name will also get changed, and a new name will be provided. The confirmation of the changes has been done today when the official website went live in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India comes as the new name for PUBGM India

The official website for the highly popular game has gone live today. This confirms that the game is going to come back in India, and the change in the name shows that it has been exclusively for India.

The website has mentioned that the game is Coming Soon. This means that the game could launch at any point of time in the country. The website also provides an outward link to the official YouTube channel of the game.

There are no videos currently, but soon many videos will be coming in them. It is very surprising to see that the term PUBG has not been mentioned anywhere. Krafton has been written in a few places, and this is the company that was behind PUBG.

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There has been no news about when the game will launch in India. We also have no idea whether there will be any similarities between this game and PUBG. There is no surety that the game is a rebranded version of PUBG.

It might also happen that this comes as a totally new game for the people in the country. In 2020 November, it was mentioned that the game is being especially keeping in mind the environment and the game content.

The content should be improved and crafted to fulfill all the local requirements. We will soon get to know more about it once the game launches.