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The New Daredevil Instagram Post By Deborah Ann Woll Has Excited the Daredevil Fanbase

Daredevil came on Netflix six years ago, and this was when Marvel saw a huge kick-off in the field of TV series. We will see Charlie Cox as the Man who is without any fear. This series was one of the more acclaimed pieces of content that Netflix has offered to us. We had seen that Daredevil was canceled earlier, along with a few other shows. The fans wished they could see Charlie Cox playing Matt Murdock return onscreen. However, one of the recent posts from one of the stars reveals that something huge might be coming soon.

We have seen that Deborah Ann Woll played the role of Karen Page throughout the series. She has also appeared in The Punisher and The Defenders. She very well knows her ways to get back to the Marvel content on Netflix. Woll has also posted a picture on her Instagram handle. The picture shows that this is not the Daredevil adaptation she was a part of earlier.

The latest post from the actor had fans wondering if something big is in the plan.

Deborah Ann Woll did not share the image from the show on Netflix; she shared the poster for the movie of Daredevil in 2003. In that movie, we saw Ben Affleck playing the role of Matt Murdock, Colin Farrell playing the role of Bullseye, Michael Clarke Duncan playing the role of Kingpin, and Jennifer Garner playing the role of Elektra. It is also possible that Woll has just the 2003 movie recently, and hence she has shared the poster. But several fans are keen to believe that her sharing the poster indicates something big coming up soon.

We will never get any revealing answers currently about whether something big is in the making. But we are sure of one thing. From the timeline of 2015-2019, we have seen many Marvel heroes on Netflix. Daredevil was the only hero who had the maximum fanbase, and the fans seriously want to see the character get a movie of its own. We had seen that all these series had some connections with the MCU, but they were very scattered.

So this made it feel more like Daredevil, Luke cage, Jessica Jones, Punisher, and Iron Fist were totally acting on a reality that was exclusive for them. However, now it seems that Marvel Studios have to bring in these heroes and shed more light on them.

Deborah Ann Woll's New Instagram Post
Deborah Ann Woll’s New Instagram Post

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If we have to conclude, we can say that this hero’s live-action film is still not sure yet. Deborah Ann Woll’s post also creates a mystery about the future of the hero. The fans have started hoping that they might get to see their loved hero getting the big screen again after 2003. It is not that Marvel has fallen short of heroes to feature in films and shows, but with the huge fan base of this hero, they can surely bring in huge profits. So if the movie comes, who will be acting in it, Cox or someone else?

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