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Animal Crossing: New Horizon
Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Animal Crossing: New Horizon Adds New Features Via May Update

The fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons always look forward to the month of May in the game. In May, the game hosts several events, even the event of May Day. On the 28th of April, the game got a new update for the 1.10 version. Players are referring to this as the May Update. New themed items, wedding seasons, and other seasonal items focused on Cheese Rolling and Mother’s Day becomes available in the shops after this update.

The data miners have found even more features in the game’s present code. These features will be visible to us very soon. The data miners have found several strings of code that are related to fence customization. The titles of the codes are mRemakeFenceScale and mRemakeFence. Now we can customize several items like chairs, rugs, and several other furniture items. We can add colors to them, add in our patterns to make them look just the way we want. Thus it seems that the fences will also get the feature of such similar customizations and even alter their size and structure.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings back building upgrades and Brewster.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon may update
Animal Crossing: New Horizon Still (via Nintendo)

Along with the fence customizations, the game also has a code that will bring some good museum upgrades. Animal Crossing: New Leaf brought the first concept of having building upgrades. We can very well understand from the name given to the code that this upgrade will bring a new addition to the museum.

The data miners have identified a few other keywords in the code itself. This reveals that there might be a new cafe in the game soon. The code shows a portion where it is written as cCafe. This has surfaced very recently. The fans also feel they could see Roost returning back. Roost was the coffee shop in New Leaf owned by a resident named Brewster.

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All the updates that are provided are very uncertain. But we are sure that the game has a lot to bring in during this month. The May Event will continue till the 7th of May, and the players can give in their active participation. They will get the ticket for May Day from the Orville airport. After receiving the ticket, they can try to escape the May Day maze. If they can successfully complete the maze, then they will get a prize for that.

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