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Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPU Brings An MCM Having 80 Cores

The next-generation Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPU has been teased with a Multichip Module, MCM. This module has a design that contains up to 80 cores. However, this is not visible. This is a new kind of technology that has been engineered for the CPU sample.

A new picture has come up on Bilibili with the latest 4th generation central processing unit from Intel. This image shows the new design of MCM. There is a 5 x 4 configuration that states that each unit of the die has around 80 cores. However, none of us will ever be able to see it. The silicon having the 80 core layout will have a dense mesh layout, which will not let us see the core layouts.

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPU has been spotted with an MCM design having around 80 cores.

Theoretical reports from Wccftech state that the new CPU can contain a maximum of 72 cores and, along with that, a maximum of 144 threads. It has been seen that they have been able to tap out around 56 cores, and with that, 112 threads. There was another leak that stated the CPU to have 60 cores, thus making 15 cores in each die and having a 5 x 3 configuration. This leak also says that the CPU possesses just 56 cores and 12 threads enabled in the system. This seems to be around 14 cores in each die.

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPU
The CPU comes with 80 cores.

The next-generation CPUs will arrive in rectangular models just as the chips from the earlier generations. There is a memory of up to 64 GB. The memory is categorised into HBM2e type with 4 x 16 GB piles. DDR5 and PCI5 technologies of 5.0 were the possible choices by Intel. There will be LGA4677 support for the upcoming CPUs from Intel. It will make the use of a gold plated IHS, and the design will be soldered with TIM, liquid metal.

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AMD will carry on doing its Whoop Ass. AMD’s next-generation chips, Genoa, offer around 96 cores. Intel stands way back with just 56 cores being provided. We might soon see Intel bumping everything up very soon to get into the lead. Currently, AMD is very much in the lead when it comes to the CPU core counts. The next-generation CPUs from Intel will be available in 2022.

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