PlayStation 5 India Restock
PlayStation 5 India Restock

PlayStation 5 Restock: Players File A Petition To The Company

Last Updated on April 30, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

Sony’s next-generation console, PlayStation 5, and its Restock have been one of the most demanding gaming devices during the present times. People are trying their best to get their hands on the device. They are trying their best to look for several ways to gain the company’s attention to bring restocks to India. Let us look at what the company has in stock for India and what its plans are for its gaming community. Search for the console’s restocks is very trending in the country. So we have tried our best to provide you all with all the relevant information.

PlayStation 5 Restock updates in India

The manufacturers of the console are not able to produce the required quantity. This is not just the case in India but many countries all over the world. However, India seems to be much behind all the other countries regarding the stocks of the console. Only 4000 pieces have been given to India, and all of them were sold in a very small period of time.

The manufacturer is also facing many problems in manufacturing these consoles due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Hence we now see that the Indian players are filing a petition to get more restocks of the console in the country as early as possible.

PS5 Restock
Petition filed for PS5 restocks.

SV Yesvath Kumar works in a big technology company as an Information Security engineer. He is the person who started this petition on the 24th of April. Presently there are more than 7000 people who have signed into the petition. The players are also making their guesses about the price at which it will be sold once it becomes available in India. The disc version is priced at Rs. 50,000, and the digital version is priced at Rs. 40,000. Sony has not said or made any official announcements about when the console will be available in India or what price it will be sold.

Sony has announced that it has sold 7.8 million units of PS5 all over the world. After seeing such numbers makes the Indian players wonder when they will be able to hear the good news of restocks.

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