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PlayStation Plus Reveals its Line-Up For May

The PlayStation Plus offered free games for the month of May. They have been revealed. The games are Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Battlefield 5, Die Last, and Stranded Deep. This seems to be a perfect lineup for the upcoming Battlefield 6.

The game Die Last will be exclusive for the PlayStation 5 only. The developers of Flatout have also developed Wreckfest. It has some hardcore combat racing in vehicles. The players have to race and upgrade their vehicles, add in new armor and look more attractive than before. Vehicle looks and performance are very important before it goes to the tracks for a race. If we choose the multiplayer online option, then there will be a maximum of 24 players up for the race.

PlayStation Plus has a few exciting games up for free grabs in May

Wreckfest had launched on the previous consoles earlier. It has not launched yet on the PS5. The game will release on the next-gen console on the day, 4th of May, it arrives on PlayStation Plus. This means that the PS5 with PS Plus subscription owners can get their hands on this game and enjoy themselves.

The other big game which is also available is Battlefield V. The game has been set in World War 2, and it gives us a very good first-person shooting experience. Battlefield 6 has been announced by EA games, and so now it might feel great to have quick gameplay of Battlefield 5 with its amazing storyline and visuals. Battlefield 6 will release during the latter part of 2021. The full reveal of the game will come on our website very soon.

PlayStation Plus
PS Plus games for the month of May (via Sony)

The next game up for grabs is Stranded Deep. This is an open-world survival plus adventure-packed game. The player goes through a plane crash and finds himself alone in the Pacific Ocean. The player has to use his skills and abilities to live, hunt for food and supplies, design tools and weapons and finally look for a shelter to live in.

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Battlefield 5 and Stranded Deep are available in the PS4 versions. But people who own PS5 can easily enjoy these games on their next-gen consoles. PS5 has the feature of backward compatibility. However, the PS4 owners will not be able to enjoy Wreckfest, as it is only meant for PS5. All these games will be up for grabs from the 4th of May to the 31st of May.

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