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Dr. Stone : Stone Wars Season 2 Release Date Confirmed By Toonami

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Season 2 Release Date is around the corner the fantasy anime series produced by TMS entertainment in 2019. The story is based on the Manga of the same name, which was written by Richiro, Boichi explained it, and it was published in one of the weekly Shonen magazines.

The mysterious light turns after every 3700 years all the human on the planet turns into Stone.
Senku Ishigami the smartest and talented boy. He appeared from his clarified into a stone world. And he started to reconstruct Human civilization again.

In February 2020, when it was on the aired audience were not expecting it’s another season. Because of the pandemic, all the work of the movie and anime was delayed.1st season has 24 episodes, and the audience gave a great response. The story was interesting and shocked everyone.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Season 2 Release Date

Recently the English version of Dr.Stone: Stone wars season 2 premiere date and time announced and is going to premiere on Adult Swim’s Toonami Block.

According to Toonami’s announcement on its Facebook official page, Senku’s return is officially announced on May 15 at 1:00 AM ET. Fans are excited, and letting them regrading the Stone Wars is getting premiered soon. The new episodes are going to air between Food wars and My Hero Academia. When it was simultaneously running in Japan, episode 24 of Dr. Stone Season 1 was premiered on August 25, 2019, in the English version.

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2 Release Date Confirmed By Toonami
Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2 Release Date Confirmed By Toonami

Plot Details

In Season 1, Senku was actually constructing his kingdom of Science just for the sake of human civilization. Now season 2 is full of clashes between Senku and Tsukasa. Actually, Tsukasa was busy building and managing the army. In the end, it is going to be a battle between them both for the sake of human civilization’s future.

Dr stone is actually based on Se ki Ishigami’s story, who, after approx 3700 years, wakes up and is worried for the sake of humanity and the future. Then he plans to rebuild the human civilization with the help of his friend Tainu and also along with the help of all the villagers.

Is there a Trailer?

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