Tesla Model 3 and Model Y (Image credit: Tesla)

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y long-range version price has increased by $500 in the U.S

Last Updated on March 10, 2022 by Joydeep Ghosh

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y price has increased by $500 in the U.S. One of the best-selling electric vehicles across the globe, the Tesla Model 3, had made its name globally, and in the United States, model 3 is probably one of the most favorite and go-to cars of people. As per the official Tesla U.S website, the standard battery life for Tesla Model 3 previously started at $38,490, but now the price has been increased by 500 dollars, so now the price stands at $38,990.

The Tesla Model 3 long-range version price previously used to start at $47,490, but now the long-range Model 3 stands at $47,990. Whereas the price for the high-performance Tesla Model 3 has been kept at $56,990, the price has not been changed for this particular Model.

Apart from the Tesla Model 3 price in the United States, the price for the Tesla Model Y long-range version has also been increased by $500. The price for the model Y extended range version starts at $50,990. This increase in the Tesla Car price has occurred two times since last month, on March 25th and April 9th.

As per the new reports by ITHome Tesla, China has stated that they will also increase the price of domestic Model Y by 8000 yuan. Compared to that, the Tesla Model Y long-range version and the high-performance version will now be sold at 347.9 million yuan and 3779 million yuan. That’s it for now; for such exciting updates, please stay tuned to MediaScrolls.

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