Google Pixel Buds A
Google Pixel Buds A

Everything You Have To Know About Google Pixel Buds A

Last Updated on April 25, 2021 by Arijit Kundu

It seems that Google will soon be releasing its truly wireless earbuds- Google Pixel Buds A. They will launch this year. Guess what? They might even launch during this month.

These wireless earbuds will be an improved version of the previous model. The company wants to put some good competition with companies like Apple and Sony. Although the company has not confirmed anything about these buds, we are sure they will release soon. The company has even sent a mail to the Google Nest customers for marketing purposes. So here is everything that we know about the earbuds till now.

Google Pixel Buds A : Design and Features

A few of the leaked images show the new earbuds. They do not look very different from their predecessors. The earbuds have a sleek round design which makes them appear very modern. Unlike the previous model, there will be color options available for the new model. The white color will have black ear-tips. The other color to choose from is green. This green will be a bit on the darker side, like a dark forest green. The buds and the case will be of the same color.

The dark green color that we discussed earlier has been confirmed in the leaks. The mail sent to the Nest owners has also informed them about the color.

A lot of facts or info about the buds have not landed on the internet yet. We are sure about the presence of touch controls for fixing the music playback. The touch controls help while accessing Google Assistant as well. We can also expect the company to some adequate work on the audio quality. In the earlier model, the sound was fatiguing and lacked good bass. People will also expect a good battery life. The previous model offered 3 hours of charge is used at once. The total charge obtained with the case was 21 hours.

For the price at which these earbuds are sold, several other models provide a better battery life. So this time we can expect to find that the company has done a good deal of work on the battery life. Although the model that will launch is said to be a budget model, improvements in the device are always appreciated. Hopefully, Google takes cues from Earfun Air Pro, Cambridge Audio Melomania 1, and Lypertek PurePlay Z3 (Tevi) when it brings its next set of earbuds.

Google Pixel Buds A : Price and Release Date

The previous model of earbuds was priced at AU$279 / £179 / $179. So as we can see they were very much on the expensive side. On top of that, the quality of audio they offered was not impressive at all. So was the battery life of the earbuds.


Google Pixel Buds A
The earbuds will launch very soon.

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The rumors say that the new pair of earbuds will come at a lower price than its predecessor. We have seen the company offering a few budget-friendly devices like Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a. We would love it if these earbuds gave some tough competition to the Apple Airpods, which are also very expensive. There is not much time left to find out, as they might be launched this very month.

Till now, there is no confirmed date for the release of the earbuds. We are sure that the device will launch in 2021. The greater news is that it can even come out this very month. Jon Prosser, a tipster, has also said that the earbuds will launch in April. Until and unless some official announcements are made, we can never be certain about anything.

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