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PlayStation 5 India Restock
PlayStation 5 India Restock

PlayStation 5 India Restocks Is Affecting The Indian Gaming Market

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, announced that the company had increased its working hours to bring in more units. The PlayStation 5 India Restocks look very hard to arrive in the nearby times. The present pandemic situation, along with the shortage of chips, has made the problem worse. Sony is facing problems in production due to the reasons mentioned above. It seems that the console will not come at a fair price. Restocks for the Indian markets are nowhere nearby during the upcoming times.

After the launch, we had seen that the grey markets in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai had surplus units of the console. The price went as high as Rs. 1,00,000. This is double the original price of the console. Just one week ago, a few of the retailers had mentioned that they were going to get their hands on some units of the PS5.

Price of the console when it launches in India

When the console officially launched, the price had gone down to Rs. 75,000 in India. It has been three months since the release date, and the Indian shipment has been sold out. There are imported units of PlayStation 5 which are being sold at Rs. 60,000 or Rs. 65,000 by some individuals. All these happened till last week before many cities entered a lockdown state due to the coronavirus situation.

Now here comes the twist. All the units that have been imported do not provide an Indian warranty. So if there is any fault, the company will not provide any assistance. The buyer should know these consequences beforehand before purchasing them.

How are PlayStation 5 Indian grey market sellers different from scalpers?

PlayStation 5 India Restocks
Will it come anytime soon?

The scalpers will generally be selling you the official units with a valid warranty in the region. The stores sell these units of the console unofficially at their counters. However, there are a few exceptions like HG World. Grey market consoles will never come with any kind of warranty.

Grey markets are not new in the country. Nintendo Switch consoles are sold in huge numbers even though the company is not present here with an official store. Most of the PS5 consoles that were reaching India were from the middle eastern countries. The highest number of consoles come from UAE. There are also a few from Japan, the Us, and a few of the other Asian countries.

How does this situation matter for PlayStation 5 in India?

Sony India does not have much control over the restock of the consoles in India. It totally depends on the EMEA operations in Dubai. Their actions have limited the Indian gaming market in smaller numbers. There is a tremendous loss in business as well. This also has an effect on the number of discs of games that reach India.

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Ghost of Tsushima was sent to India in small numbers. The game got sold out in a very small period of time. The same is the case for the PS5 units. The ones that came were in minimal numbers and are over now. We hope that further restocks land soon for the Indian gaming market.

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