Captain America 4
Marvel: Captain America 4 Under Development by Malcolm Spellman

Marvel: Captain America 4 Under Development by Malcolm Spellman

Last Updated on April 24, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

The final episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier landed on Friday on Disney+. The showrunner, Malcolm Spellman, is now working with Dalan Musson on the fourth movie of Captain America. There have been no official announcements about the new project. But we have a feeling that Malcolm Spellman might be working on the script focusing on Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie. The project of Chris Evans playing Captain America would be a separate one.

In Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we saw that most of the events were based on the after events of Avengers: Endgame. Chris Evans is no longer there (he has died), and Sam Wilson is in a fix whether to take up the responsibility of his shield. The former co-EP of the Fox Empire, Malcolm Spellman, has dealt with many present-day issues that people faced during Trump’s reign. The issues include terrorism- both domestic and international, anti-immigration. These have been portrayed powerfully in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

After Falcon and the Winter Soldier, will we get to see Captain America 4?

Captain America 4
Captain America 4 Being developed by Malcolm Spellman

Disney+ has announced Falcon and the Winter Soldier to be their biggest premiere in a weekend. Samba TV looks after terrestrial streaming of TV shows. They have announced that 1.7 million watched the first episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier during the first weekend, even if it was for five minutes. This was more than WandaVision’s count of people who tuned in. During the first weekend of WandaVision, 1.6 million people had watched it.

The three Captain America movies outside the Avenger movies have picked up a whopping 2.2 billion dollars at the worldwide box office. It started with The First Avenger in 2011, The Winter Soldier in 2014, and Civil War in 2016. Captain America 4 will take a lot of time to come. The directors or casting has not been fixed for now.

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