AMD FidelityFX

AMD FidelityFX Will Provide Graphics Boost To Xbox Series X|S

Last Updated on April 22, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

There is some amazing news for all the fans of Microsoft’s gaming console. AMD has decided to bring its FidelityFX technology of graphics to the Xbox Series X and Series S. This will give the developers of games to work further on the visuals of the game and fine-tune them to the next generation graphics. This will also make things easier than before to write games that are cross-platform.

This new technology will be a set of graphical effects that the game developing companies have been using on PCs for around a year. The set of new features that we can get through this tech include- denoiser, variable shading, adaptive sharpening of contrast, reflections in screen space, downsampler, ambient occlusion, HDR mapper, and parallel sort. The Xbox Series X|S, which will be rolling out initially, will get access to variable shading, adaptive sharpening of contrast, and the feature of raytracing.

The new Xbox Series X|S comes equipped with AMD FidelityFX, which makes the graphics even better

AMD FidelityFX
AMD FidelityFX

The feature of adaptive sharpening makes sharpening images or scaling them very easy. There is no more fear of the quality drop of the images while sharpening. The feature of variable shading allows different parts of the game to be shaded in a different tone or at a different temperature. This helps add more details to the visuals and thus makes the gameplay even more interesting. The most critical tech which will be used is raytracing denoiser. This feature of raytracing will provide crystal clear images in the game. This will successfully remove the blurry effects even in a minute part.

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To put everything together, Microsoft is really putting in some advanced technology on their console. Earlier, such high-level tech was limited to PCs. Now, as days are passing, we see several improvements in the field of gaming and mostly on the next-generation consoles. The Xbox Series S might not support a few of the new technology. However, the Xbox Series X will be filled with all the new tech.