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Xbox Series X Restock at GameStop- All You Need to Know

It has been reported that the Xbox Series X Restock has arrived at GameStop this morning. During the previous week, the seller had mentioned that it would be having a good amount of stock of the console in the upcoming days. So now is the perfect time if you want to have your hands on the next-generation console by Microsoft. Although the PlayStation 5 has been stealing most of the limelight since the last month, the Xbox console is finally available now.

The console will be available for the buyers as a part of the Xbox All Access Program by Microsoft. This program gives the console, and along with that comes an additional subscription to the Game Pass Ultimate for a very small amount of money charged per month. The Series S console is less in cost and in working power capacity than the Series X model. But it has a graphics processing unit that can provide an output of up to four teraflops. For storage, there is 10 GB RAM and 512 GB internal SSD storage. There is no drive for putting in a disc. We can enjoy gaming at 1440P with a refresh rate of 120 FPS on this console.

Xbox Series X Restock has arrived in big numbers in GameStop!!

The retailer has mentioned that it has received a “sizeable” supply of the console. So the fear of all the consoles getting over so quickly will not be there. However, it is true that no matter how big the size of restocking is, with such big demands, even the big numbers fall short too soon. So if you are still in a dilemma about whether you want to buy it or not, think fast!!

Xbox Series X Restock GameStop
The console has arrived in large numbers!!

You can purchase the console only with the All Access Program, for which you have to pay 25 dollars per month. The Game Pass will provide many games right from the time we switch on our console. This program continues for 24 months with no interest. So this seems to be a good way to get hold of the console without totally going bankrupt.

How to buy the console from GameStop?

For this, first, you have to have an account set up on the retailer’s website beforehand. The address and the payment information must be pre-saved. The main trouble and time-consuming factors are while checking out. This time you will be competing with all the other people who are buying the consoles at the same time. So if you have everything pre-saved, then that will save you a lot of time and quicken your purchase process.

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When the restock starts, you have to add your console to your cart. While doing this, if you see that nothing happens, then refresh your page till you see some results. It is advisable to clear all your cookies and try opening the retailer’s website from an incognito browser. It might ask you to complete a captcha when you try to add your console to the cart. So finish that as well.

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